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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru episode 7: Requiem of the golden witch Ending Theme – Namae no Nai Uta (Game Size Version)

Nameless Song (Game Size Version)
Vocals: Sakura Kanae & Kino Nei
Lyrics: Sakura Kanae
Composition: cap
Arrangement: xaki

On the surface of the blue sea
The nameless island
Is an island that keeps waiting
On the unfulfilled promise

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru UMG Vol.7: Nakanai Kimi to Aganai no Gensou -Amaneuta- – asymmetrical cry

asymmetrical cry
Vocals: Nira Etsuko
Lyrics: Nisshi~

The night when my cold tears clung onto me broke dawn soundlessly, (shining light)
It’s the finale chosen at the end of the observation that can’t be fully told

The sound of rain echoes and steals me away, the sound of footsteps ceases
The handcuffs that won’t permit freedom is the proof of our blessing

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni musicbox Blue – happiness of marionette (Vocal ver.)

Does anyone have a scan of the official lyrics?

happiness of marionette (Vocal ver.)
Vocals: nayuta
Composition: dai

I’ll send you a happy dream
Wiping away your tears as you cry
Walk once more and find me
Look up at the high and pure blue sky

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Image Album: ROKKENJIMA in LOVE – entreat

~Ushiromiya Ange Image Song

Vocals: Natsukawa Yoko
Lyrics: Misawa Aki
Composition: onoken
Arrangement: onoken

The illusion through the glass shut my happiness in
What’s reflected in my opened eyes is a far, far away recollection

Just a single drop of tear fell onto the dry ground
Without even leaving a trace behind

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru episode 7: Requiem of the golden witch Opening Theme – Kiri no Pithos

The Pithos in the Fog
Vocals: Kino Nei & Sakura Kanae
Lyrics: Sakura Kanae & E. Kida
Composition: Luck-Ganriki & dai
Arrangement: Luck-Ganriki & dai

That which was entrusted to your hands is now within the rain…
Because the next part of your dream is on the wandering boat that can’t pull close

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni UMG Vol.5: Nakanai Kimi to Nageki no Gensou Tsuioku-hen – Rakuen -fantasm-

It took me some time to realize that the lyrics were written from Beatrice’s viewpoint.

Paradise -fantasm-
Vocals: Nira Etsuko
Lyrics: Nisshi~

While my eyes pine for it, the proof stains my fingertips
It’s the rebirth of the dual intertwining spirals

The vitreous reality shatters with a loud noise
As the pieces remain inlaid there, they lose their colors
As I’m tempted to touch them, the trap is set off
Even if I cling onto the flower of hope that bloomed
Thousands upon millions of words deceive me repeatedly

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Quick Sakura-Con 2010 Summary

Fresh out of the Cosplay Contest

– Slept only 2 hours due to worrying about forgetting something to take to the con. Forgot contact lens for cosplay, realizing so about 2 hours into the drive.
– Arrived at hotel after 10pm. Finally got to sleep after 1am.

– Woke up at 5am to get to the con early. Found wind and rain greeting us in Seattle, waited for the bus in Haruhi cosplay with a short skirt. Nearly froze.
– Drank a matcha latte to warm up and stay awake. Aghast upon realizing that it was not working well with lactose intolerance.
– Set up Artist Alley table. Met awesome tablemates. Realized that the display stand was about a foot too short.
– Went to Ito Noizi autograph session, got her signature on Haruhi novel, then neglected to protect the novel, so 25% of the ink has rubbed off since. Ms. Ito made comment to her manageress (“It’s the Disappearance movie Haruhi, isn’t it” “Yeah, it’s the Disappearance Haruhi”).
– Went to karaoke contest. Realized I was so tired there was no way I could belt out any song of quality. Gave up the rest of the contest.
– Went back to hotel in the rain and wind to change into Hideyoshi cosplay. Returned to convention, learned to stuff to create That Bulge, sat in a daze for the swimsuit contest.

Higurashi vs. Umineko

Umineko Photoshoot

I don’t even know what to make of this scenario

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