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Touhou Re:Starlights & An Umbrella – RAiNY STARS

This is the song that was used in the main sequence (Touhou Ouendan, 東方逢縁檀) of Touhou Kinema Kan ~2nd Act~.

Vocals: Yoka
Lyrics: capo
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: Tim Vegas
Circle: Hatsunetsu Miko’s
Adapted from Touhou ~Undefined Fantastic Object: Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever

baby, can you see?
shootin’ stars and brightest stars
shinin’ on my heart
make me glittered with lights

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Touhou A Foreign Sound – Touhou Suimusou (hatsunetsu mix.)

This is the song that was used in the opening sequence of the first Touhou Kinema Kan video.

Eastern Gleaning Dreams (hatsunetsu mix.)
Vocals: michiyo
Lyrics: Tim Vegas
Composition: U2
Arrangement: Tim Vegas
Circle: Hatsunetsu Miko’s
Adapted from Touhou ~Immaterial and Missing Power: Eastern Gleaning Dreams

In a dazzling season, there are dancing shadows
Back to back on the road
Close by, you, who I can’t reach
Are always smiling and watching

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Touhou Housenka – Akai Tsuki

My brother had been playing this song non-stop in the house in the past few weeks.

Scarlet Moon
Vocals: Ucchi
Lyrics: Yoshiha
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: Ranty
Circle: Yellow Zebra
Adapted from Touhou ~the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: U.N. Owen is Her?

A perfectly round scarlet moon appears, shining in from outside the window
The shadow of a lattice casts in, splitting me in crosses
Even if they’re fragile like glass
That shatters just by touching
I’ll fully envision the future ahead of those fragments

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Touhou Lovelight – Bad Apple!!

The song from the Touhou segment featured on CNN.

Bad Apple!!
Vocals: nomico
Lyrics: Haruka
Arrangement: Minoshima Masayoshi
Adapted from Touhou ~Lotus Land Story: Bad Apple!!

Even if I’m in the midst of flowing time, I feel languid, look, spinning around and around
I can’t even see my heart that leaves me; didn’t you know that?

Unable to move myself away, I continue to be washed down the cracks of time
I don’t know about my surroundings; I am who I am, that’s it

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Going to Kumoricon 2009

A very late notice, but I’ll be attending Kumoricon 2009 in Portland, Oregon, from September 5th through 7th.
If you make it there and see something like the above picture, that might be my group.
I’m throwing together a costume in three days.

Touhou Tsukimigaoka – Eien ni Osanaki Akai Tsuki

Rating: 9/10. ★★★★★★★★★☆

The Eternally Young Scarlet Moon
Vocals: Sayuri
Lyrics: NYO
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: NYO
Circle: Silver Forest
Adapted from Touhou ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: Septet for the Dead Princess

Oh, I simply drift within time
Am I waiting impatiently for the day when I’ll rest in peace?
Oh, the crimson roses in full bloom in the corner of the ancient castle
Let me fill you with ephemerality and painfulness, and scatter

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Sakura-con 2009 Meetup?

A Remilia costume progress photo

Is anyone else going to Sakura-con 2009, in Seattle, Washington, from April 10th through 12th? If so, would anyone be interested in a quick meetup there?

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