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Lucky☆Star Insert Song – Gravity

Vocals: m.o.e.v
Lyrics: Kosaka Satoru
Composition: Kosaki Satoru
Arrangement: Kosaki Satoru

Save my love, immediately
Save your dream with your dance
Only for tonight, the PARADISE can be released
I’m searching, boy

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Lucky☆Star OVA Theme Song – Ai o Torimodose!!

It was just in the last few weeks I recalled the manly awesomeness known as the opening theme to Hokuto no Ken, Ai o Torimodose!!. I watched the entire first and second seasons of the 1984 anime when I was 6 years old and learned a bunch of people-exploding moves from Kenshiro. Oh man, good times, very good times.

I was ecstatic to hear Ai o Torimodose!! during the Lucky☆Star OVA, especially since it was sung by the Lucky Channel duo, Akira-sama and her lovely assistant, Sebastian Minoru-kun. I’d been planning to put up the lyrics to the original version of the song anyways.

Recover Love!!
Vocals: Uchoten (Konno Hiromi & Shiraishi Minoru as Kogami Akira & Shiraishi Minoru)
Lyrics: Nakamura Kimiharu
Composition: Yamashita Michio
Arrangement: Kosaki Satoru

You are Shock; the sky falls with love
You are Shock; it falls into my chest
Even if my passionate heart is bound by chains, they’re useless now
Just by one of my fingertips, those who obstruct me are down on the ground

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Lucky☆Star 15th Ending Theme – Koi no Minoru Densetsu

The Minoru Legend of Love
Vocals: Shiraishi Minoru as Shiraishi Minoru
Lyrics: Shiraishi Minoru
Composition: Kosaki Satoru
Arrangement: Suzuki Masaki

Min-min-miracle Minorun-run × 2

You who can’t honestly say WAWAWA, either, show some courage
I’ll send out the charm of love that is the Yay Beam

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Lucky☆Star Character Song Vol.006 Iwasaki Minami – Damatto Yasumi Jikan

Silent Break Time
Vocals: Chihara Minori as Iwasaki Minami
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: Ayahara Keiji
Arrangement: Kondo Akio

“Are you mad?”
Every time they say that, I worry about what kind of face I’m making
While listening to everyone else’s voice
My heart is laughing along

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Lucky☆Star Character Song Vol.008 Patricia Martin – Kosupure no Kokoroe

Still working out a few odd kinks in the song… Not sure about rendering the lyrics in broken English style or not…

Cosplay Knowledge
Vocals: Sasaki Nozomi as Patricia Martin
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: Kanai Kosuke
Arrangement: Koike Masaya

I’ll serve you, I’m serious
I’ll serve you, I mean it
Welcome home, my master
Welcome home, mymy master

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Lucky☆Star 18th Ending Theme – Kaorin no Teema

Kaorin’s Theme
Vocals: Shiraishi Minoru as Shiraishi Minoru
Lyrics: Shiraishi Minoru
Composition: Shiraishi Minoru
Arrangement: Kosaki Satoru

I had been searching forever for the one who is my “destined person”
I’m sure that it’s you, though I don’t have any basis for it

Because when I see your smiling face, even the ordinary days
Shine, it’s so strange; it’s just as if you casted magic

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