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Kuroshitsuji II Opening Theme – SHIVER

Vocals: the GazettE
Lyrics: Ruki.
Composition: the GazettE
Arrangement: the GazettE

Even if…the endless sorrow steals you away
Tell me that there’s no such thing as our hearts separating here

No matter what shape tomorrow is when I ask your back that I ran up to
I didn’t waver, because I didn’t want to forget about believing anymore
The habit of averting my eyes, ambiguous replies, and lies I can’t laugh at-
If you’re not next to me, then even their meanings will blot through me

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Kuroshitsuji the Musical: -The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World- Sen no Tamashii to Ochita Shinigami Ending Theme – Hallucination

Vocals: Matsushita Yuya
Lyrics: H.U.B. / U
Composition: Nakamura Jin
Arrangment: Nakamura Jin

It’s too late to deceive
It’s too foolish to whisper
And projecting those thoughts onto the moon, I cross the night

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Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – Call thy name, “Stella Mystica”

Finally a song fully in English.

Call thy name, “Stella Mystica”
Lyrics: Kano Kaori
Composition: Iwasaki Taku
Arrangement: Iwasaki Taku

Night above the forest
Through dusty moonlight
He, a crystal sheep
Come falling with grace

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Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – Wie schön!

Yet another song in German. I don’t get it, either.

Wie schön!
Lyrics: Kano Kaori
Composition: Iwasaki Taku
Arrangement: Iwasaki Taku

Aus zum Nachthimmel, streck’ich mich, der mich blendet.
Ich fleh’Dich an, Du Wundergöttin mein!
Du gibst mir die Kraft des Lebens.
Aus der Quelle schwallt Prophetensang.
Schwör mir dein Liebesband mit Lorberkrone.
Oh, mein Romio!

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Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – The Dark Crow Smiles

The song is in English except for the chorus, which appears to be Latin. There are parts that I don’t understand in the Latin. Scroll down if you’d like to try translating them.

The Dark Crow Smiles
Lyrics: LotusJuice
Composition: Iwasaki Taku
Arrangement: Iwaskai Taku

sir, excuse me for interrupting
allow me to introduce myself
butler yes I am yes I am
lord’s order is what I am
taking care of business
in these bases step into all those places
what I face is my lord’s thesis
writing it based on those pieces
ha elegant suit black and white is by the book
no limit I did shook the ground
so under it went underground
wanna know more? pay the price you will
then likely to cry in grief guilty like a thief?
no not so cheap I’m so past deep
collection of enemies keep to play
placing target on steep tray
sadistic that I may at the same time
masochistic that I fake matter of courtesy to say
uncertified story I’ll give then uncertified life you might live
and I’m not so sure if you want that
so take your time
to think for a minute please
earl and contessa

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Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – Die Hasen!

As far as I can tell it’s an insert song that never made it into the anime.
It’s also in German. If someone fluent in German would like to take a crack at it, be my guest. I’ll credit you if you can share the translation with me.
A quick glance at the Japanese text provided in the booklet indicates that the song is about bunny rabbits and running around.

Die Hasen!
Lyrics: Kano Kaori
Composition: Iwasaki Taku
Arrangment: Iwasaki Taku

Weiter, weiter, immer weiter! Lauf bis wohin?
Straßen und Gassen nach rechts oder links.
Mögen der Himmel, die Sonne uns dummen
zeigen “Wo ist der Schwur?”

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Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – Si deus me relinquit

This is the chilling soprano song heard in a few episode of Kuroshitsuji. The lyrics were originally in Latin, but a Japanese translation was provided in the lyrics booklet.
There are five people listed on the page of credits in the booklet, but no specific singer was credited for this song.

Rating: 7/10. ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

If God has forsaken me
Lyrics: Konishi Kayo
Composition: Iwasaki Taku
Arrangement: Iwasaki Taku

If God has forsaken me,
Then I shall forsake God, too.

Only the oppressed may possess a black key,
I close all doors
Thus I seal away all prayers.

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