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Happy Halloween 2009

First time attempt at carving a pumpkin.

I almost carved a yukkuri head before settling on something more amusing. Click on either half for bigger photo.


Approaching 5,000,000 Kiriban

This site is now quickly approaching the 5,000,000th hit mark, but I’m currently busy with trying to finish Umineko in time before school starts next week. So I don’t think I’ll make a kiriban gift this time. Continue reading

Going to Kumoricon 2009

A very late notice, but I’ll be attending Kumoricon 2009 in Portland, Oregon, from September 5th through 7th.
If you make it there and see something like the above picture, that might be my group.
I’m throwing together a costume in three days.

Anime Evolution 2009 Meetup?

Is anyone else going to Anime Evolution 2009 from June 11th through 13th in Vancouver, BC, Ryoko-land? If you are, give me a holler when you’re at the con! The con is small enough that you’ll probably catch me easily. My costume schedule is:

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Goodsmile Company 1/8 Hatsune Miku?

I found the ever-elusive 1/8th scale Hatsune Miku from Goodsmile Company at Sakura-Con 2009 for a very reasonable price.

Sakura-con 2009 Meetup?

A Remilia costume progress photo

Is anyone else going to Sakura-con 2009, in Seattle, Washington, from April 10th through 12th? If so, would anyone be interested in a quick meetup there?

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4,000,000 Kiriban Suzumiya Haruhi-chan Giveaway

Warning: I had at least two people submitting exactly 3,000,000 hits for the last kiriban giveaway, so that contest turned into moot. Please, no cheating this time.

This site is now quickly approaching the 4,000,000th hit mark, so I’ll be giving a kiriban gift to the person who gets the 4,000,000 hit. Who will the lucky visitor be?

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