Attack on Titan 1st Opening Theme – Guren no Yumiya

Crimson ↖⦇
Crimson Bow and Arrow
Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen

Vocals: Linked Horizon
Lyrics: Revo
Composition: Revo
Arrangement: Revo

Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

Without knowing the name of the trampled flowers
The birds that fell to the ground are waiting for the wind

Praying won’t change anything
What will change the ⟪depressing situation⟫ (present) is how ready you are to fight…

Oh, the pigs sneering at our will to advance as we step over corpses
The livestock may be at peace…in their phony prosperity …But let us be “free” like the dying, starving wolves!

The humiliation of being trapped ↢signals↢ our counterattack; you’re a ⟪hunter⟫ who slaughters the prey beyond the castle walls
While you’re consumed by a raging ⟪bloodlust⟫ (urge), what gouges the scarlet at dusk is―

↢the crimson bow and arrow↢

Preparing my ↢, I won’t let the targets (them) that I’m pursuing get away
Firing my ↢, I’ll corner them and never let them get away
I pull my bowstring all the way to the limit
I’ll fire it again and again until ⟪my targets⟫ (they) are dead

What will kill your prey
isn’t your ⟪weapons⟫ (tools) or skills
but your own well-honed bloodlust

Wir sind der Jäger ⦆ ➸ As hot as flames!
Wir sind der Jäger ⦆ ➸ As cold as ice!
Wir sind der Jäger ⦆ ➸ Be one with your ↢!
Wir sind der Jäger ⦆ ➸ Pierce through everything!

The one who can change things
is the one who can throw away things
When you aren’t taking any ⟪risks⟫, is there anything you can accomplish…?

Idiotic assumptions…are mere illusions …Even your foolish courage now…
The vanguards of “freedom”…gamble on their offensive
So let the sprinting slaves win!

The injustice imposed on us ↢signals↢ our attack
On the horizon robbed from us, ⟪the boy from that day⟫ (Eren) desires “to be free” (the world)
While you’re devoured by an unceasing ⟪bloodlust⟫ (urge), what brings purple (death) to twilight is―

↢the bow and arrow of hell↢

Guren no Yumiya
Vocals: Linked Horizon

Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

Fumareta hana no   namae mo shirazu ni
Chi ni ochita tori wa   kaze o machiwabiru

Inotta tokoro de   nani mo kawaranai
⟪Ima⟫ o kaeru no wa   tatakau kakugo da…

Shikabane fumikoete   susumu ishi o   warau buta yo
Kachiku no annei   …kyogi no hanei …shiseru garou no “jiyuu” o!

Torawareta kutsujoku wa   hangeki no ↢koushi↢ da   jouheki no sono kanata   emono o hofuru ⟪jäger⟫
Hotobashiru ⟪shoudou⟫ ni   sono mi o yakinagara   tasogare ni hi o ugatsu――

↢Guren no yumiya↢

Ya o tsugae oikakeru   yatsu wa nigasanai
Ya o hanachi oitsumeru   kesshite nigasanai
Genkai made hikishiboru   hachikiresou na tsuru
⟪Yatsu⟫ ga ikitaeru made   nando de mo hanatsu

Emono o korosu no wa
⟪Dougu⟫ de mo   gijutsu de mo nai
Togisumasareta   omae jishin no satsui da

Wir sind die Jäger ⦆ ➸ Honoo no you ni atsuku!
Wir sind die Jäger ⦆ ➸ Koori no you ni hiyayaka ni!
Wir sind die Jäger ⦆ ➸ Onore o ya ni komete!
Wir sind die Jäger ⦆ ➸ Subete o tsuranuite yuke

Nanika o kaeru koto ga dekiru no wa
Nanika o suteru koto ga dekiru mono
Nani hitotsu ⟪risuku⟫ nado   seowanai mama de   nanika ga kanau nado……

Angu no soutei   …tada no genei   …ima wa mubou na yuuki mo…
“Jiyuu” no senpei   …kake no kousei
Hashiru dorei ni shouri o!

Kaserareta fujouri wa   shingeki no ↢koushi↢ da
Ubawareta sono chihei   “sekai” o nozomu ⟪Eren⟫
Tomedonaki ⟪shoudou⟫ ni   sono mi o okasarenagara   yoiyami ni shi o hakobu――

↢Meifu no yumiya↢

23 responses to “Attack on Titan 1st Opening Theme – Guren no Yumiya

  1. i like that song in japanese

  2. Amazing Lyricss!

  3. shouldn’t it be “Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger” rather than “Sind sie das Essen? Nein, wir sind die Jäger” so the english translation would be “They are the prey(lit.:food) and we are the hunters!” and not “Are they the prey(lit.:food)? No, we are the hunters!”

    • I’m german and i’m pretty sure that’s what the first line is also the english translation kind of makes more sense that way

      • japan_old_boy01

        Some people say that “Seine das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!” not “Sie sind das Essen”. which listen

    • I am going by the official transcription for the German, which I have full faith in over fansubs.

      The lyrics will be updated once the CD and official lyrics sheet are released.

  4. Isn’t it ‘They are the pray and we are the hunters’ instead of ‘Sind Sie das Essen? Nein, wir sind die Jäger’

    • It might be that “They” refers to the civilian-humans, while “We” refers to the protags. “Are they the prey? No, (because) we are the hunters”

      • Lol the posters didn’t even touch the German line at the beginning; they just left it as is because they know we would debate on it. I love debates…

  5. “You’re a jäger who slaughters the prey beyond the castle walls”

    You don’t call two things by the same name in a song; it gets confusing. And if the line I quoted isn’t referring to the Titan’s getting killed by humans, it certainly isn’t talking about the defenseless humans, because they aren’t getting slaughtered.

  6. Hi, I used your lyrics to translate a video I uploaded ^_^ Credit has been given to you and here’s the link ;

  7. the germany pronounce is so damn hard !! Nein, wir sind die Jäger>> he sing it so fast !!

    • WickedHipsterPink

      It’s not so bad, considering the song’s entirety is not in German, it’s actually easier. If the entire song was in German, and sang by a native German speaker, it’d be a lot harder, because of the way German syllables are spoken and Japanese syllables are spoken, you generally are stuck singing the German faster (or the Japanese really, really, REALLY slowly. I can speak German (and I’m certainly not fluent, but I do know quite a bit.) and it’s really easy to say that line really fast.

      PS: If I can do it, so can you, just practice. Singing along with German songs actually helps because you get the grammar, and it can speed up the process of you singing it faster.

      PPS: if you were just making a comment and could care less about my post I’m writing in a thunderstorm at midnight, feel free to ignore me and my big mouth

      PPPS: I really do have a big mouth if I typed all this.

  8. It’s “Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!”

    It has been proof read a couple of times in Gendou’s site

  9. It’s been a week since the CD’s release, and since nobody’s pointed it out… just for the record, the first lines are “Seid ihr das essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!!!”

  10. Thanks for this yo!

  11. These were the most helpful lyrics I’ve found.. Ever for this song it even had the the English which was even more helpful….

  12. Tblhi translamake no sense whag so ever! I know it’s right translation but if makes no sense, thays the only problem I have with this, maybe you have With this website ^^
    Thanks fir reading

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