PSYCHO-PASS 1st Opening Theme – abnormalize

Vocals: Ling Tosite Sigure
Lyrics: TK
Composition: TK
Arrangement: TK

Things that I can’t show to anyone are flooding my mind
I’ve gone lost in a world where not even mistakes exist

This is a “world” phenomenon where only the visible things are real
and that has been rubbed in to an unbelievable degree
So can I expose it for what it is?

Plastic Tac Tic, no one can be driven insane anymore
You’re also in this plastic beautiful world
In a world that’s too pretty, I can’t see the light for some reason
and my rupturing heart is an infinite reflection

secret remains for you, don’t expose the fake colors and the future
fake’s plastic world, keep it secret motion

Secretive and confined
Even the visible things are my fake show
They’re the reverse of the truth

Telecastic Tac Tic
Everything seems to be normal by now, right?
The abnormal plastic normal world
is an infinite reflection of the world that’s all too emotionless

This place is already a gestalt illusion; every single person and thing is separated
and dyes all in the color of the truth inside the hologram

secret remains for you, fake’s plastic world
We’ll notice that if we expose everything, memories will shoot apart the present

Everything is turned inside-out and the illusion is already at the end
So I’m even scared of the truth
This is a “world” phenomenon where only the visible things are real
Where falsehoods go hand in hand, reflecting everything

Things that no one can satisfy are flooding my mind
But if this is where I belong, that’s not enough for me

Vocals: Ling Tosite Sigure

Dare ni mo miserarenai mono   atama no naka afurete
Machigai sae mo nai sekai e   mayoikonderu

Arienai hodo surikomarete
Me ni mieru mono dake no “sekai” genshou
Abakidaseru kana

Plastic Tac Tic   mou dare mo okashiku narenai yo
Kisama mo plastic beautiful world
Utsukushisugiru sekai ni boku wa nazeka hikari ga mienakute
Haretsu shite iku kokoro ga   mugen no rifurekushon

secret remains for you   misekake no iro to mirai o abakanaide
fake’s plastic world   keep it secret motion

Himitsu-meite tojikomerarete
Me ni mieru mono sae mo boku no fake show
Shinjitsu no ribaasu sa

Telecastic Tac Tic
Mou subete futsuu ni mieru deshou?
Ijou na plastic normal world
Muhyoujou sugiru sekai ni   mugen no rifurekushon

Koko wa sude ni gestalt illusion   dare mo nani mo ga barabara de
Horoguramu no naka o zenbu   shinjitsu-iro ni somete iku

secret remains for you   fake’s plastic world
Subete o abakeba kioku ga ima o utte   bokura wa kizuite shimau yo

Subete ga uragaeshi ni natte   maboroshii wa mou the end
Shinjitsu ni sae obiete shimau
Me ni mieru mono dake no “sekai” genshou
Nisemono ga te o tsunaide   subete o utsushiteru tte

Dare ni mo mitasarenai mono   atama no naka afurete
Demo   koko ga boku no ibasho naraba   mitasanai kara

6 responses to “PSYCHO-PASS 1st Opening Theme – abnormalize

  1. “Mirai o abakanaide” sounds more like “Yami o abakanaide” don’t you think? That and the part where he’s repeating “Secret remains for you” is false, he may say it in the last line of that but the first two lines are definitely not “Secret remains for you”, they sound more like “Secret kills for you” or “Secret kiss for you”.

  2. I saw this lyric since the first time I got the song, a few things that I believe after playing only this song for a week:
    “(Secret kiss for you, secret kiss for you) Secret mix (or miss?) for you”
    “Keep it secret emotion”?, from another japanese website “Keyphrase secret (e) motion”.
    Let’s see what it actually is when the single comes out on 14 Nov.

  3. @Yagi: Mirai wo abakanai de is the true lyric ._.
    @72chronicle: in niconico douga its Secret kiss for you and take’s plastics world , keep it secret motion is the true lyric

    btw, thanks for the lyrics
    oh ya, me ni mieru mono ? its kimi ga mono

  4. Reblogged this on Nibblets and commented:
    Ahhhh best intro song ever because of the message. First line, I already love it

  5. for some reason to me it always sounded like ‘secret gears of fortune’ to me O_O

  6. I really love this song!! Did you watch the first episode of the second season yet? 🙂

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