PAX Prime 2012 Swag

Photos of nearly everything I got from PAX Prime 2012.
Not photographed: PAX badge, Moga smartphone stylus, and a set of Sonic pins that I gave away

I didn’t get any big-ticket items this year because my costume prevented me from seeing any sign about contests or lines (or most other people, for that matter).

Everything in the photos is available for trade/sale.

Please make an offer and leave a comment or e-mail me if you don’t want to go through eBay.

– World of Warcraft TCG Darkmoon Faire playmat (eBay) SOLD
– Pokemon Black & White 2 poster
– ZombiU mask
– Guardians of Middle-Earth wizard hat

– (Way too many flyers, advertisements, and cards)
– Gotham City Imposters code
– Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Art Book (eBay) SOLD
– Kid Icarus Uprising AR cards (eBay) SOLD
– UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception tickets codes
– Puzzle Clubhouse codes
– Offensive Combat codes
– Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Beta code
– Smite Artemis skin codes (eBay) SOLD
– I ❤ video games stickers
– League of Legends Arcade Sona skin cards (eBay) SOLD
– Magic the Gathering Merfolk Mesmerist cards (eBay)
– World of Tanks CD + gold + premium account codes (eBay) SOLD
– Blacklight Retribution weapon code
– DOOM 3 BFG Pinky Avatar code (eBay) SOLD
– Dishonored Corvo Mask Avatar Item code (eBay)) SOLD
– Age of Empires Online Steam Starter Pack code
– Storm beta code
– PlayStation Plus 1-month membership code (eBay) SOLD
– Fruit Ninja 8-bit Cartridge DLC code (eBay) SOLD
– Jinx stickers

– Batman: Arkham City comic (eBay) SOLD
– Dungeons & Dragons Lolth origami sheets (eBay)
– DigiPen origami papercraft sheet (eBay)
– Line of Defense comic (eBay)
– Mechwarrior Online/Tactics double-sided poster (eBay) SOLD
– End of Nations mousepad w/code (eBay)
– Magic the Gathering coloring books (eBay SOLD)
– Dungeons & Dragons flyer
– Nintendo Power magazine
– Plants vs. Zombies magnet sheet (eBay)
– Game Career Guide Fall 2012 magazine
– Adata mousepad (eBay)
– Phantasy Star Online 2 mousepad (eBay) SOLD
– Defiance bumper sticker SOLD
– PAX Prime 2012 programming book
– SmashMuck Champions Brutus origami papercraft (eBay)

– Intel cape (eBay SOLD)
– Corsair noise sticks (eBay)
– Warface cap (eBay)
– Plants vs. Zombies zombie head plush toys (eBay SOLD)
– Defiance Hellbug plush toys (eBay)
– League of Legends orange stress ball (eBay) SOLD

– Devil May Cry poster (eBay)
– Kirby 20th Anniversary poster (eBay SOLD)
– League of Legends light-up foam sticks (eBay)) SOLD

– Kingston Hyperion glow stick
– End of Nations badge pins (eBay)
– Skallops kit (eBay SOLD)
– Big Fish Games sunglasses (eBay)
– Bootsnake Games pin button (eBay)
– Adata slap bracelets (eBay)
– Hitman: Absolution tie clip (eBay) SOLD
– Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance badge pin SOLD
– League of Legends PAX 12 badge pin SOLD
– DigiPen ballpoint pen (eBay)
– League of Legends Pentakill wristband (eBay) SOLD
– World of Tanks badge pin SOLD
– Fruit Ninja Sensei badge pin SOLD
– Munchkin silver piece coin (eBay SOLD)
– Offpspring Fling badge pin (eBay)
– Sanshee Persona 4 badge pins (eBay SOLD)
– Corsair dog tag (eBay)
– Marvel Heroes badge pin (eBay)
– NiGHTS into DREAMS… badge pins (eBay) SOLD
– Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers (Green, White, Black) half decks (eBay SOLD)
– Magic the Gathering crayons (eBay SOLD)

– The Unfinished Swan T-shirt (eBay SOLD)
– Guardians of Middle-Earth T-shirt (eBay) SOLD
– Sanshee Persona 4 Mayonaka TV Landing Site T-shirt
– Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance T-shirt (eBay SOLD)
– Atari Arcade T-shirt (eBay SOLD)
– Assassin’s Creed T-shirt (L) (eBay) SOLD
– Assassin’s Creed T-shirt (S) (eBay) SOLD
– Sanshee Persona 4 Everyday’s Great at Junes T-shirt
– LittleBigPlanet Karting T-shirt (eBay)
– Firefall T-shirt (eBay SOLD)
– Sanshee Recettear T-shirt
– End of Nations T-shirt (eBay)

– Counter-Strike tote bag (eBay SOLD)
– Gigabyte tote bag (eBay)
– Sanshee tote bag (eBay)
– Adata tote bag (eBay)
– Magic the Gathering tote bag SOLD
– DigiPen tote bag (eBay)
– World of Tanks/Warplanes double-sided tote bag (eBay)

6 responses to “PAX Prime 2012 Swag

  1. I’m betting that you’re going to keep the Recettear shirt. 😉

  2. Also, will there be zoomable pictures to see what the swag that might be exchanged for coin is?

    • Yes, in hindsight, I shouldn’t have taken such small photos. I will re-take photos or link to the stuff of some value (a lot of the little things were just flyers).

  3. can you give me the code for uncharted 3 tickets plz on my email

  4. I know this was posted forever ago, but do you still have the hellbug plushies?

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