Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear Opening Theme – Shangri-La

Vocals: Imai Asami
Lyrics: RUCCA
Composition: Hamada Tomoyuki
Arrangement: Minami Toshikazu

It was a long journey, wasn’t it? Until that moment when we met
Like fragmented molecular symbols, if you’re not with me, then…

I’d rather throw my defiled self into the rotting ark
and drown in a beautiful lie

I want to see you, but I can’t; where are you?
I still don’t understand the truth, nor do I want to ask about it
The requiem of the birds that can’t fly
echoes again in the heart of Shangri-La

The water dripping from the insomniac crescent moon can’t go back

During that season, I could laugh about how pretty things are pretty
I looked at it like it’s fake

Don’t disappear, don’t forget, the mirage is flickering
I want to cry, but I can’t, so I call out your name…
But if my wish and warmth will melt away in the wind
Then I’ll at least send my love and song to you now

I want to see you, I want to see you, in a dream is fine
Hug me and whisper to me, ah, with that voice of yours
I’ll overcome the misery of the birds that can’t fly
and take off for the skies of Shangri-La

Even if its outline is far away, look, I’m by your side
I love you, ah, so much in afterlife that it moves me to tears…
Yes, I am who I am because I was able to meet you on that day
So may my feelings reach you

Vocals: Imai Asami

Nagaku nagai tabi datta ne   bokura deau   ano toki made
Bunshi kigou   kataware no you   kimi ga inai   boku nara…

Isso kuchita   hakobune ni   kegareta mi o nagete
Utsukushii uso de   oborete itai

Aitakute   aenakute   kimi wa doko na no?
Wakaranai   kikitakunai   mada shinjitsu wa
Tobenai   tori-tachi no   rekuiemu ga mata
Hibiku no wa Shangurira no kokoro

Fuminshou no mikazuki kara   koboru shizuku   modoranai

Kirei na mono   kirei da tte   waraeta ano kisetsu
Esoragoto no you   mitsumete i ta

Kienaide   wasurenaide   yureru shinkirou
Nakitakute   nakenakute   na o yobu kedo…
Negai mo   nukumori mo   kaze ni tokeru nara
Semete ima   kimi e ai   uta o

Aitakute   aitakute   yume no naka de ii
Dakishime   sasayaite   aa   sono koe de
Tobenai   tori-tachi no   mizeraburu o koe
Habataku yo   Shangurira no sora e

Katachi wa   chikakute mo   hora soba ni iru
Raise de   nakeru kurai   aa   aishiteta…
Boku ga sou   boku na no wa   ano hi   aeta kara
Kono omoi   kimi e to todoke


6 responses to “Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear Opening Theme – Shangri-La

  1. will you translate the second game’s OP song too?

  2. OH MY JEEBUS! I have been looking for this translation for… I dont even know how long, BUT THANKKKK YOUUUUU for posting them 🙂
    Ok bye byezzzz lol

  3. ohhh come on! i hated the infirmary part in the game >.<

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  6. Any idea what the latin at the beginning of the song is saying?

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