Guilty Crown Insert Song – Euterpe

Vocals: EGOIST
Lyrics: ryo
Composition: ryo
Arrangement: ryo

Oh the wildflowers that bloomed
Ah, please tell me
Why do people fight
Hurting one another?

Oh the flower blooming nobly
What can you see from there?
Why can’t people
forgive one another?

The rain passed and summer
turned bluish
as one
You trembled faintly
in front of me
Without saying a thing

To my withering friend
What are you thinking about?
How do you convey love
with those speechless leaves?

The summer sun clouded over
and the wind streamed
as they happen together
For the nameless ones
I’ll sing the proof
of that they lived

Vocals: EGOIST

Saita no no hana yo
Aa   douka oshiete o-kure
Hito wa naze   kizutsukeatte
Arasou no deshou

Rin to saku hana yo
Soko kara nani ga mieru
Hito wa naze   yurushiau koto
Dekinai no deshou

Ame ga sugite natsu wa
Ao o utsushita
Hitotsu ni natte
Chiisaku yureta
Watashi no mae de
Nani mo iwazu ni

Karete yuku tomo ni
Omae wa nani o omou
Kotoba o motanu sono ha de
Nanto ai o tsutaeru

Natsu no hi wa kagette
Kaze wa nabiita
Futatsu kasanatte
Ikita akashi o
Watashi wa utaou
Na mo naki mono no tame

24 responses to “Guilty Crown Insert Song – Euterpe

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  2. I love this song<3<3<3 and the anime too :X

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  4. awesome song!

  5. Hello there, um I have a correction. The kaze wa naide is supposed to be it’s kaze wa nabiita.

  6. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!i luv this song!!!!

    and the singer too!!

    and this anime too!!!i”l reeaaallly SUPPORT YOU!!

  7. Wonderful lyrics! Thanks a lot 😀
    Maybe I have a correction… I’m not sure at all though.
    Isn’t aa douka supposed to be nan douka?
    I barely speak any japanese so I don’t really know if it is a word,
    but… it just sounded like that XD

    • Nah, it’s “aa douka”, cause “nan douka” wouldn’t even make sense …
      She’s just trying to emphazise the her pledge as to why people are hurting each other.

  8. Thank you for lyric , I love thsi song ^^ Love Guilty Crown and Egoist =)

  9. @Lan: It’s a song. They’re allowed to have poetic license with the words they choose 😀

  10. Thanks for the lyrics, I couldn’t be arsed to write them down myself, so I’m gratefully taking these.

    But I have a little correction to make: “Kaze wa nabiita” is actually supossed to be “Kaze GA nabiita”. Because “nabiita” 靡いた is the past form of “nabiku” 靡く, which is an intransitive verb, thus requires a ‘ga’. Sorry for the boring grammar lesson ~,~’

  11. Thank you! I really love this song ❤
    Hmm, but, actually what does 'Euterpe' means?
    When I did some search I found that it means 'rejoicing well' or 'delight' and the word was from Greek (I found it in Wikipedia :P) do this Euterpe refers to that one? O.o

    Sorry for bad grammar ~_~

    • No. I think Euterpe is the Goddess Muse of Song, Poetry and Dance based on Greek Mythology….

      • In fact both of you are right. Euterpe is the Muse (something like a lowly godess) of Music and Lyrical Poetry and her name derives from the ancient greek words ευ(=very) and τέρπω(=delight). Music delights us and that is the purpose of this song as well. That’s where it refers to.

  12. Is it the full version of the song??

  13. すてけ!!!

  14. InoriDragneel❤❤

    The lyrics are all correct~! I love Guilty Crown so much. Some people said there was going to be season 2 ;D Kyakyakya ❤❤❤

  15. Love the song, thanks for the lyrics. Wondering what the people on the radio were saying in the middle of the song though >_<

    • All I can hear clearly is “The world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a military base. ——- destruction against the Japanese” in the space where she’s not singing. The lyrics take on a lot more meaning if you think about the bombing as well. It’s depressing T^T
      Beautiful song though, I love it a lot.

  16. The point before the final verse.. that’s radio chatter about the nuking of hiroshima. I’d love to get the translation of that. Shame they mixed it down a tad too much. It adds power and context to the song.

  17. “The world will note that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a military base. We won the race of discovery against the Germans. We have used it to shorten the agony of war.” The rest is completely covered by the song.

  18. jannah young min

    first time i heard this song it very make my heart to heard its again and again… i love its…its very deep…

  19. hakureishrine

    Actually listening a bit more carefully, you can hear it end with

    “We shall continue to use it until we completely destroy Japan’s power to make war. Only a Japanese surrender will stop us.”

    Very fitting for Guilty Crown.

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