Time of Eve the Movie Theme Song – I have a dream

I have a dream
Vocals: Kalafina
Lyrics: Kajiura Yuki
Composition: Kajiura Yuki
Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki

We were laughing on the park bench
On a summer morning
The grassy lawns shined in green

The truth is, I can’t see your eyes
What color are they?
I want to find the sky you’re watching

I have a dream
Yet it’s too modest
and I really can’t seem to tell it to you

The morning comes, I rub my eyes
and I’ll walk through crowds of people
Within the repeating days
I’ll keep searching for my little dream

Certainly the heart doesn’t exist anywhere
There’s something that has made us who we are

My face is reflected on the window of the night train
I believe
that what will awaken is certainly a city of light

I have a dream
Even on nights when I can’t fall asleep
Even after how many wishes in my heart I abandoned?

Spring comes, the wind blows
We’ll walk on
For the days that won’t change
I’m holding my little dream

Time goes by, we pass each other by and meet again
Tasting the frozen days of winter
The morning comes, the wind blows
I’ll walk through crowds of people
For your sake, for my sake
The world will keep weaving a dream

I have a dream
Vocals: Kalafina

Kouen no benchi de waratte ita
Natsu no asa
Sougen ga midori ni kagayaiteta

Hontou wa mienai kimi no hitomi
Donna iro?
Kimi ga miteru sora o mitsuketakute

I have a dream
Sasayaka sugite
Totemo kimi ni iesou ni wa nai keredo

Asa ga kuru   me o kosuri
Hitogomi o aruiteku
Kurikaesu hibi no naka
Chiisa na yume o sagashitsuzukeru

Kokoro nante kitto doko ni mo nai
Sore de mo
Bokura o tsukutte iru nanika ga aru

Yakou ressha no mado   kao utsushite
Mezameru no wa kitto hikari no machi

I have a dream
Nemurenu yoru mo
Mune no negai ikutsu sutesatta ato mo

Haru ga kuru   kaze ga fuku
Boku-tachi wa aruiteku
Kawaranai hibi no tame
Chiisa na yume o dakishimete iru

Toki wa yuku   boku-tachi wa   surechigai   mata deau
Kogoeteta fuyu no hi o kamishimete
Asa ga kuru   kaze ga fuku
Hitogomi o aruiteku
Kimi no tame   boku no tame
Sekai wa yume o tsumugitsuzukeru

One response to “Time of Eve the Movie Theme Song – I have a dream

  1. Haven’t been here in a long time… Thank you for this! Perfect birthday present for me, seeing the time it was added. 😀

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