Shakugan no Shana 2nd Opening Theme – being

Vocals: KOTOKO
Lyrics: KOTOKO
Composition: KOTOKO
Arrangement: Takase Kazuya

Your heartbeats throb, so choose the present world where we touch each other
Advance to the end of time

Alone, I whispered to the night with an empty sky
The words of “see you again tomorrow”
I yearned for strength and eternity
that are like the burning, revolving sun shining on me

If I can leave only one thing behind
It’ll be my smile at this moment that held my existence
The one thing I simply must protect is your future

In an instant, I choose this wavering and grating world
and I’ll always soar through the land of destiny
In my chest, I hide the flame that started to shoot up
In the current world, in the next world, I’ll go to you

A sky spreading endlessly
sailed by before my squinted eyes
I saw the illusion
in which your back that found its wings goes far away

Every time when I pretend to be cold
Something gets crushed with a dull sound
Make the colors lit in each of us

I choose the present world with you, who are irreplaceable
and I’ll always build a rainbow through the night
I’ll turn the strength we ascertained in each other into time
and overcome the sky and the sea

My heartbeats throb, so I choose the present world where we touch each other
And I’ll definitely live in the law of destiny
I’ll turn the flame that will vanish someday into a wish
In my dreams, in the next world, I’ll go to you…
Overcoming the sky and the sea…

Vocals: KOTOKO

Takanaru kodou   fureau ima erande
Susume   toki no hate e

Potsuri kokuu no yoru ni tsubuyaita
“Mata, ashita ne” tte kotoba
Moe meguri terasu taiyou no you na
Tsuyosa to eien ni kogareta

Tatta hitotsu nokoseru nara
Sonzai o daita   kono shunkan no egao o
Tada hitotsu mamoru beki wa   kimi no mirai

Setsuna   yurete kishimu kono yo o erande
Zutto unmei no chi o kakeru
Mebaehajimeta honoo   mune ni hime
Ima o   asu o   kimi e

Hosometa me no saki ni ukanda
Hateshinaku hirogaru sora
Tsubasa mitsuketa kimi no senaka ga
Toozakatteku maboroshi o mita

Sokkenaku yosoou tabi
Nibui oto de tsubusareteku nanika
Sorezore ni tomoshita iro

Kakegae no nai kimi to no ima erande
Zutto yoru ni niji o kakeru
Tashikameatta tsuyosa   toki ni kae
Sora o   umi o   koeru

Takanaru kodou   fureau ima erande
Kitto unmei no ri ni ikiru
Itsuka kie yuku honoo   negai ni kae
Yume o   asu o   kimi e…
Sora o   umi o   koete…


6 responses to “Shakugan no Shana 2nd Opening Theme – being

  1. One of the greatest anime songs in the world.

  2. My favourite Shana song by far, thank you

  3. Another great song, this one being my personal request IIRC. Thank you very much. 😀

  4. i like it,,,, i feel i’m inspire

  5. I really love this song.

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