K-ON!! Insert Song – Tenshi ni Fureta yo!

Featured in episode 24 of K-ON!!.

I Touched An Angel!
Vocals: Vocals: After-School Tea Time (Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Yoko, Sato Satomi, Kotobuki Minako, as Hirasawa Yui, Akiyama Mio, Tainaka Ritsu, Kotobuki Tsumugi)
Lyrics: Inaba Emi
Composition: Kawaguchi Susumu
Arrangement: Kawaguchi Susumu

Hey, for the pieces of my memories
If I save them as a new file
A “treasure” is exactly what it is

Yeah, I spent my time
To fill up the space in my heart
Every single day was a throbbing color

The uniform I’m used to and my indoor shoes-
The doodles on the whiteboard-
I think I have to leave them
At the entrance to tomorrow

But I was able to meet a wonderful angel!
Graduation isn’t the end
Because we’ll still be friends from now on
The photos of us together-
Our matching keychains-
Are shining forever
I’ll always thank you for your smile

Hey, the sakura trees
Seem to have grown a little, too
Even if it was at an invisible, slow speed

Surely that sky was watching
When I tripped again and again
And yet I was still able to walk to the end

In the halls after school
The wings of musical notes spilled out lightly
If only we could stay like this
Until they pile up all soft and fluffy

But I touched a lovable angel!
I feel like saying “I’m back”
This place won’t change
My message inbox-
The calendar marked off with circles-
I thank the music
That gave me my encounter with a terrific dream

At the home station, on the riverbank
Even if we’re separated, let’s look up at the same sky
And sing in unison!

But I was able to meet a wonderful angel!
Graduation isn’t the end
Because we’ll still be friends from now on
If you say, “I love you lots”
I’ll reply, “I love you lots and lots”
I don’t have anything forgotten anymore
We’ll always be together for eternity

Tenshi ni Fureta yo!
Vocals: Ho-kago Tea Time (Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Yoko, Sato Satomi, Kotobuki Minako as Hirasawa Yui, Akiyama Mio, Tainaka Ritsu, Kotobuki Tsumugi)

Nee   omoide no kakera ni
Namae o tsukete hozonsuru nara
“Takaramono” ga pittari da ne

Sou   kokoro no youryou ga
Ippai ni naru kurai ni
Sugoshita ne   tokimeki-iro no mainichi

Najinda seifuku to uwabaki
Howaitoboodo no rakugaki
Ashita no iriguchi ni
Oitekanakucha ikenai no kana

Demo ne, aeta yo! Suteki na tenshi ni
Sotsugyou wa owari ja nai
Kore kara mo nakama da kara
Issho no shashin-tachi
O-soro no kiihorudaa
Itsu made mo kagayaiteru
Zutto   sono egao   arigatou

Nee   sakura no ki mo chotto
Setake ga nobita mitai
Mienai yukkuri na supiido de mo

Kitto   ano sora wa miteta ne
Nando mo tsumazuita koto
Sore de mo   saigo made aruketa koto

Fuwari houkago no rouka ni
Koboreta onpu no hane
Fukafuka tsumoru made
Kono mama de iretara ii no ni na

Demo ne, fureta yo! Aisu beki tenshi ni
Tadaima tte iitaku naru
Kono basho wa kawaranai yo
Meeru no jushinbako
Marushita karendaa
Tobikiri no yume to deai kureta
Ongaku ni arigatou

Eki no hoomu   kawara no michi
Hanaretete mo   onaji sora miagete
Yunizon de utaou!

Demo ne, aeta yo! Suteki na tenshi ni
Sotsugyou wa owari ja nai
Kore kara mo nakama da kara
Daisuki tte iu nara
Dai-daisuki tte kaesu yo
Wasuremono mou nai yo ne
Zutto   eien ni issho da yo


38 responses to “K-ON!! Insert Song – Tenshi ni Fureta yo!

  1. holy! You’re epicly fast!!
    Thanks~ I cried at the end when they were singing this song…. They have another episode left right?

    • you too? i watch that part sooooooooo often, and cry every time. and trust me, it is NOT easy to make me cry, so you know, it is a VERY moving piece if it can make me. and suprisingly, i mostly only cry when i see a moving part in animes, but stuff like books, movies, stuff like that, i feel nothing.

      • Ahahaha, i know that feeling. I’m also really hard to cry in a normal life. But, I cry when I see they gather and cry together in a music room after their last perform. And also in the scene when they played this song for Azusa ^ ^

  2. Wow…fast..!!

  3. 大好き姫様 『☆』

    ~ beautiful song. ❤ TT 3TT
    thank you.

    @ Cougarpeople ; there is 2 more episodes left 'till the season is over.

  4. I assume that they will have bonus episodes again and they twisted the plot that obviously that i think that Season 3 is 100% going to come.

  5. This episode is the best along with the #20
    Personally… I cried at the second reff when Azusa held back her tears..

    Definitely there will be season 3, season 4, season 5 until infinity and beyond!!

  6. is there going to be Mio and Yui character image Songs series??

  7. Actually, I doubt that there will be a season 3. If you recall, the manga ended with them graduating.

  8. I love K-On! But it has to end…. Waaaaah!

  9. Thank you very much for the lyrics !

  10. thanks for the lyrics♥

  11. K-on Lover 4ever

    Love the lyrics. Learning them right now!! Went out and bought my very own Gitah after the 6th episode of the 1st season, so sad to know it’s over… WAH!!!

    But, I’m happy to know that there’s a movie!! K-ON FOREVER!!!

  12. .h0h0h0! ..aki t0y0saki ur sø awes0me!.ne?..i realLy l0ve that s0ng , it makes me think , is dat really wiLl goin to happen t0 me? .f it s , im s0 sad !.

  13. If you guys haven’t seen episode 27 of k-on. You should totally watch it.

  14. Well, the manga is going to continue in may 2011, it says so on wikipedia, so there might be a season 3 after all. I hope they make a season3, K-On is awesome! Even if the anime ends, Ho-Kago Tea Time will live on in my heart! Go K-On!

  15. I think there will be the 3rd season bcoz they will cont playing at university..aite????pliz pliz….huhu

  16. i hear in live concert “Come With Me” , K-ON movie will coming on dec 2011… JUST WAIT…

  17. i ,<3 it !!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I cried during this song too and it still makes me want to cry it’s such a sad song ! But so cute at the same time! Lol. Azu Nyan is my favorite Character seeing her cry was like – </3! xD. But I love K-ON! KEEP THE SEASONS ROLLIN ;D! <3! :)! God Bless <3! :)! <3!

  19. i really like this song! i want to sing this on our graduation! *sniff* *sniff* i really cried on this song in K-on!! : (

  20. I LOVE IT!!! !♥♥♥~! 🙂

  21. i love this song ,<3 ❤ ❤

  22. Arigato.

  23. i wish i could remember this song lyrics, i will sing it to my friend and my school if i dont school in there

  24. Please don’t leave me girls, release the third Season (Maybe their daily life in college ^ ^)

  25. If They make a 3rd Season i will kill my self to get it ! i started playing guitar at its 4th episode … after 3 years of thinking about starting … ( when i downloaded it )

    K-ON! For Ever , After School Teatime For Ever , HTT For Ever !

    Thank u so much for the lyric !

  26. any1 know where to download this song for my ipod cuz everytime i listen to this song i just cant have enough

  27. Omg wen i watch dis episode, i cried =”( soooo touching~!!
    Azusa will be left alone? Tsk
    Anyway thnks for the lyrics! i enjoyed singing it… 🙂

  28. I cried too! And I am a guy, and not a youngish one. Was hard to watch Azunyan tear up too….

  29. NYAAAA!! This song made me cry at the end of the series… T_T

    All da Keiongaku lovers raise ur hands!!! :3

    Mew, I feelz sentimental now… =_=

  30. ohayo gozaimasu, arigatou for the song, sayonara for now ^_^

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  32. heyyy! have you watched the K-on movie! in the movie, it’s showed how the four of them made this song for Azusa ~ OMG this is sooo sad!

  33. when i watch liric i try for understand and i ( T-T)” fuh i cry and i happy

  34. and i teach my selt for play guitar and drum if i’m not play guitar i can’t try play drum and i allways litsening your song never stop ,actually i very like drum

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