K-ON!! Insert Song – U&I

Vocals: After-School Tea Time (Toyosaki Aki as Hirasawa Yui)
Lyrics: Kakifly
Composition: Maezawa Hiroyuki
Arrangement: Maezawa Hiroyuki
Chorus: Hikasa Yoko as Akiyama Mio

If you’re not around, I can’t do anything
I want to eat your cooking
When you come home
I’ll hug you with a super smile

If you’re not around, I can’t apologize to you
I want to hear your voice
When I can see your smile, that alone is good enough for me

Just by having you at my side, I always had courage
I want to be together with you forever
I want to tell you how I feel

On sunny days, too, on rainy days, too
You were by my side
When I close my eyes, your smile is shining

If you’re not around, I don’t get anything
Where did you say the sugar and soy sauce were?
I was planning to surprise you
When you come home

I get spoiled by you without meaning it
Because you’re way too kind
I’m only taking from you, I can’t give anything back

I thought that your being at my side is a given
I thought that days like these
Would continue on forever and ever

I’m sorry, I’ve realized it now
That it’s not a given

First off, I’ve got to tell you
“Thank you”

Will it reach your heart? I’m not confident about it now
But don’t laugh, please listen
Because I put my thoughts into my song

Placing all of the “thank you’s” I have on my song
I want to send them to you
I’ll never, ever forget about how I feel

Oh my thoughts, reach there

Vocals: Ho-kago Tea Time (Toyosaki Aki as Hirasawa Yui)
Chorus: Hikasa Yoko as Akiyama Mio

Kimi ga inai to nani mo dekinai yo
Kimi no gohan ga tabetai yo
Moshi kimi ga kaette kitara
Tobikkiri no egao de dakitsuku yo

Kimi ga inai to ayamarenai yo
Kimi no koe ga kikitai yo
Kimi no egao ga mirereba sore dake de iin da yo

Kimi ga soba ni iru dake de itsumo yuuki moratteta
Itsu made de mo issho ni itai
Kono kimochi o tsutaetai yo

Hare no hi ni mo ame no hi mo
Kimi wa soba ni ite kureta
Me o tojireba kimi no egao kagayaiteru

Kimi ga inai to nani mo wakaranai yo
Satou to shouyu wa doko da kke?
Moshi kimi ga kaette kitara
Bikkurisaseyou to omotta no ni na

Kimi ni tsuitsui amaechau yo
Kimi ga yasashisugiru kara
Kimi ni moratte bakari de nani mo ageraretenai yo

Kimi ga soba ni iru koto o atarimae ni omotteta
Konna hibi ga zutto zutto
Tsuzukun da to omotteta yo

Gomen ima wa kizuita yo
Atarimae ja nai koto ni

Mazu wa kimi ni tsutaenakucha
“Arigatou” o

Kimi no mune ni todoku kana? Ima wa jishin nai keredo
Warawanaide douka kiite
Omoi o uta ni kometa kara

Arittake no “arigatou”
Uta ni nosete todoketai
Kono kimochi wa zutto zutto wasurenai yo

Omoi yo   todoke


10 responses to “K-ON!! Insert Song – U&I

  1. U&I has the deepest meaning among other HTT songs
    It tells about someone who doesn’t want to leave her sister no matter what
    It really suits the atmosphere in ep20

  2. My favorite song of k-on ever!

  3. I wish you could post lyrics for the other insert song, Gohan wa Okazu
    Thank you for the lyrics!

  4. i love this song! i tried to sing and fit the lyric like yui did, its hard!

    thank you

  5. i like it!i can’t say it is my favorite song but i like it!!!!

  6. This is the best song ever beside ‘no, thank you’ but this song have full memory of yui & ui. Luv it, btw thanks for lyric

  7. do you have the download link for this song too ? i’m looking for some anime songs that i like ^^ and if you have the download link for the other k-on!’s songs too , will you kindly share it to me ? 😀 thanks for the lyric btw 🙂

  8. Love the lyrics! XD
    Its touched XD

  9. when I see the translation part of the lyric, my mind directly goes to the memory of Yui & Ui…the song really moved me..it touched my heart.. 🙂

  10. I love this song so much! Thank you for the translation!!

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