HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD 3rd Ending Theme – Return to Destiny (TV Size Version)

Return to Destiny (TV Size Version)
Vocals: Kurosaki Maon
Lyrics: akane
Composition: a2c
Arrangement: MintJam

Beneath the sky dyed black
The color of blood burning red
Was left behind under the fear of shadows
It dissolves away while having stained them

Without getting confused again
We shouldn’t be able to return
To who we were back then
Return to Destiny

Finding what loving is and praying into it
I learned how to fight for someone’s sake
Nevertheless, when I’m going to lose you
I’ll be by your side, even if I’m sacrificing my life

Return to Destiny (TV Size Version)
Vocals: Kurosaki Maon

Kuroku somaru sora no shita
Kage ni obie nokosareta
Akaku moeru chi no iro ga
Nijinda mama tokete yuku

Mou ichido mayowazu
Ano koro no bokura ni
Modoreru hazu mo nai
Return to Destiny

Aisuru koto wa mitsukete   inori o komete
Dareka no tame ni tatakau sube o shitta
Sore de mo kimi o nakusou to shitara
Boku wa kono inochi o sasagete de mo   kimi no soba ni iru yo

Return to Destiny(TVサイズバーション)


Return to Destiny

愛することは見つけて 祈りを込めて
僕はこの命を捧げてでも 君のそばにいるよ

4 responses to “HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD 3rd Ending Theme – Return to Destiny (TV Size Version)

  1. oh thank you for translating “return to destiny” ever since i heard it for the first time the other day i’ve loved the song but baffled about the lyrics and all, anyways thanks for translating this sucker into english

  2. this is really the coolest ending song so far in H.O.T.D (I think)
    thanks for the translations! ^^

  3. This is an awesome song. Highschool Of The Dead is an amazing anime.

    BTW does anybody know where I could find the tabs for this song? (Guitar)

    • @Alex .yeah it’s very hard to find guitar covers to this song, and impossible to find tabs. I’m trying to make a tab based on covers from other dudes who i saw at youtube. If the tabs look acceptable, i can give you the tab in .gp5 format.

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