Angel Beats! Insert Song – Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui ver.)

The versions sang in episode 10 (Yui ver.) vs. episode 13 (Original Version) are different.

My Most Precious Treasure (Yui ver.)
Vocals: Girls Dead Monster (LiSA as Yui)
Lyrics: Maeda Jun
Composition: Maeda Jun
Arrangement: Hikarisyuyo

When we faced each other, we did nothing but fighting
Yet those were good memories, too

You taught me that, so I’m not scared anymore
No matter how fettered I am, I can seize happiness, so-

Even if I’m alone, I’ll go on, even if it’s tough
I’ll definitely take along the dream I had with you
I’m glad to have been with you, not anyone else
But on the morning when I wake up, you’re not there

I felt like we’d be able to play forever
I know I only felt so
I no longer regret that I was born
It’s like after a festival; it’s lonely, but let’s get going shortly

I’ll go everywhere, that’s what I learned here
I’ll show you I’ll fulfill the dream known as happiness
Even if I’m separated from you, no matter how far apart we are
I’ll live in a brand-new morning

Even if I’m alone, I’ll go on, even if I want to die
I can hear your voice, saying, “You mustn’t die”
Even if it’s tough, even if I cry in loneliness
Deep in my heart, I feel warmth

Cycling and flowing, the times change
I can’t recall what happened anymore
But if I try closing my eyes, there’s someone’s laughter
Somehow that’s my most precious treasure now

Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui ver.)
Vocals: Girls Dead Monster (LiSA as Yui)

Kao o awashitara kenkashite bakari
Sore mo ii omoide datta

Kimi ga oshiete kuretan da   mou kowakunai
Donna fujiyuu de mo shiawase wa tsukameru   dakara

Hitori de mo yuku yo   tatoe tsurakute mo
Kimi to mita yume wa   kanarazu motteku yo
Kimi to ga yokatta   hoka no dare mo de mo nai
Demo mezameta asa   kimi wa inain da ne

Zutto asondereru   sonna ki ga shiteta
Ki ga shite ita dake   wakatteru
Umarete kita koto   mou koukai wa shinai
Matsuri no ato mitai   sabishii kedo sorosoro yukou

Doko made mo yuku yo   koko de shitta koto
Shiawase to iu yume o kanaete miseru yo
Kimi to hanarete mo   donna ni tooku natte mo
Atarashii asa ni   atashi wa ikiru yo

Hitori de mo yuku yo   shinitaku natte mo
Koe ga kikoeru yo   shinde wa ikenai to
Tatoe tsurakute mo   sabishisa ni naite mo
Kokoro no oku ni wa   nukumori o kanjiru yo

Megutte nagarete   toki wa utsuroi da
Mou nani ga atta ka   omoidasenai kedo
Me o tojite mireba   dareka no waraigoe
Nazeka sore ga ima ichiban no takaramono

一番の宝物(Yui ver.)
歌:Girls Dead Monster (ユイ(LiSA))


きみが教えてくれたんだ もう怖くない
どんな不自由でも幸せは掴める だから

ひとりでもゆくよ 例え辛くても
きみと見た夢は 必ず持ってくよ
きみとがよかった ほかの誰もでもない
でも目覚めた朝 きみは居ないんだね

ずっと遊んでれる そんな気がしてた
気がしていただけ わかってる
祭りの後みたい 寂しいけどそろそろ行こう

どこまでもゆくよ ここで知ったこと
きみと離れても どんなに遠くなっても
新しい朝に あたしは生きるよ

ひとりでもゆくよ 死にたくなっても
声が聞こえるよ 死んではいけないと
例え辛くても 寂しさに泣いても
心の奥には 温もりを感じるよ

巡って流れて 時は移ろいだ
もう何があったか 思い出せないけど
目を閉じてみれば 誰かの笑い声  


21 responses to “Angel Beats! Insert Song – Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui ver.)

  1. what episode?

  2. Somehow, the subbed version I watched on animeseason actually subbed the whole song.

    • Other people are better at hearing lyrics than I am. I prefer to not follow someone else’s transcription though, so I don’t look them up. ^^;;

      • Yes, although I myself don’t know Japanese, I have learned a bit after watching anime all these years, and I like to look at different subbed version to find the best translation. Somehow your website is one of my favorite so I will be looking forward to your version =)

  3. I just watched ep 13, and the full ending song was beautiful! I’ve tried to find the song in various places but no luck! T___T

  4. omg,, i love 13 eipsode,, altough de ending is sad,, but i love it…

  5. i olso looove ep 13 but are we sore it is the last episode? most of the sits i’ve visited have it as ongoing…..?

  6. ep 10 make me cry T__T

  7. God i love this song. Every time i listen to itm it reminds me of Hinatas and Yui’s Relationship What sould have been/Should have been. never fails to give me tingles. :3

  8. this song instantly brings back episode 10, especially the memories of Yui and what have could been,

    somehow makes me sad when i thnk of it..

    verry good anime!

  9. If you’re watching this anime at then watch out for episode 12 and final, they’re kinda mixed up.

    O’shit did he asked her to marry him?! Dat’s very bold of him. (two thumbs up)

  10. I found this song, along with all the other songs from angel beats on the thailand itunes. I love this song soo much!!!

  11. this is my favorite song of all the angel beats songs! 🙂
    my second favorite is My Song

  12. theres a epidode 14 but it was REALLY weird xD

  13. I can’t listen to this song without crying. It’s so sweet.

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  15. the song’s so sad, it makes me cry

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