Vocaloid Original Song – Ehon “Hitobashira Alice”

Original NicoNico video here.

“In a land far, far away, there existed a little dream.
It’s unknown who dreamed it, but it was a little dream.
The little dream thought.
‘I don’t want to vanish like this.
How can I get people to dream me?’
The little dream pondered and pondered, and finally struck upon an idea.
That it should make humans lost within itself, and make them create the world.”

Picture Book “Human Sacrifice Alice”
Vocals: MEIKO, KAITO, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Lyrics: IbitsuP
Composition: IbitsuP
Arrangement: IbitsuP

The first Alice valiantly went
with a sword in one hand, to Wonderland.
She cut down various beings,
and went paving a deep red road.

That Alice was deep in the forest.
Imprisoned like a criminal.
Besides the road made in the forest,
there was no way to know she lived.

The second Alice calmly went
singing songs, to Wonderland.
He made various sounds overflow,
and produced a crazed world.

That Alice was a rose.
Shot dead by a madman.
He made a single deep red flower bloom
and wilted away loved by everyone.

The third Alice was a young girl.
She went with a beautiful appearance, to Wonderland.
She deluded various people,
and built a strange kingdom.

That Alice was the queen of the kingdom.
Possessed by a twisted dream.
While frightened by her decaying body,
she reigned from the top of her kingdom.

Following the trail in the forest
There was a tea party under the rosebush
The invitation from the castle
Was a playing card of hearts

The fourth Alice was a pair of twins.
They went because they were curious, to Wonderland.
They slipped through various doors,
and only came along just now.

A headstrong sister and a clever brother.
They were the closest to Alice,
but they never woke from their dream.
They wandered in Wonderland.

Ehon “Hitobashira Arisu”
Vocals: MEIKO, KAITO, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len

Ichibanme Arisu wa isamashiku
ken o katate ni, fushigi no kuni.
Iron na mono o kirisutete,
makka na michi o shiite itta.

Sonna Arisu wa, mori no oku.
Tsumibito no you ni tojikomerarete.
Mori ni dekita michi igai ni,
kanojo no sei o shiru sube wa nashi.

Nibanme Arisu wa otonashiku
uta o utatte, fushigi no kuni.
Iron na oto o afuresasete,
kurutta sekai o umidashita.

Sonna Arisu wa, bara no hana.
ikareta otoko ni uchikorosarete.
Makka na hana o ichirin sakase
minna ni mederare karete iku.

Sanbanme Arisu wa osanai ko.
Kirei na sugata de, fushigi no kuni.
Iron na hito o madowasete,
okashi na kuni o tsukuriageta.

Sonna Arisu wa, kuni no joou.
Ibitsu na yume ni toritsukarete.
Kuchi yuku karada ni obienagara,
kuni no chouten ni kunrinsuru.

Mori no komichi o tadottari
Bara no ki no shita de o-chakai
O-shiro kara no shoutaijou wa
Haato no toranpu

Yonbanme Arisu wa futago no ko.
Koukishin kara, fushigi no kuni.
Iron na tobira o kugurinukete,
tsuisakki yattekita bakari.

Ki no tsuyoi ane to, kashikoi otouto.
Ichiban Arisu ni chikatta kedo,
futari no yume wa, samenai mama.
Fushigi no kuni o samayotta.


4 responses to “Vocaloid Original Song – Ehon “Hitobashira Alice”

  1. Alice Crowley

    Hello, Atashi, would you mind if I used these translations to sub the PV? Full credit will be given, of course. If you don’t want me using them, that’s fine, I’ll just translate it myself. (Though I think yours are far better than mine) X3

  2. I knew it! My friend’s always saying it’s ‘Fushigi no kunini o samayotta’ and says I’m always singing it wrong and saying ‘kurini’ when I’m actually holding the u!

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