Angel Beats! Ending Theme – Brave Song

Brave Song
Vocals: Tada Aoi
Lyrics: Maeda Jun
Composition: Maeda Jun

I was always walking alone; when I looked back, everyone was far away
Nevertheless, I walked on; that was my strength
I’m not afraid of anything anymore, or so I whisper to show you
Someday, people will be alone and only live on within memories
So that I can even love and laugh at loneliness, I’ll fight
I won’t show my tears

I was always walking alone; a cliff was waiting for me at my destination
Nevertheless, I walked on for the proof of my strength
A strong wind blows against me, my shirt sticks to me with sweat
If I end up being able to forget it someday, then living- It’s just a simple thing
If I fall into the yonder of oblivion, that’s running away, right?
Even the meaning of having lived will vanish, right?

The wind soon calmed down, my sweat dried, too
And I felt hungry; did something happen, hm?
A nice scent came along with lively voices

I was always walking alone; everyone was waiting for me

Someday, people will be alone and only live on within memories
Even so, that’s okay; I call my peaceful feelings ‘friends’
Someday, I’ll forget the days I spent with everyone and be living elsewhere
By then, I won’t be strong anymore
I’ll shed tears in the weakness of an ordinary girl

Brave Song
Vocals: Tada Aoi

Itsumo hitori de aruiteta   furikaeru to minna wa tooku
Sore de mo atashi wa aruita   sore ga tsuyosa datta
Mou nani mo kowakunai   sou tsubuyaite miseru
Itsuka hito wa hitori ni natte   omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake
Kodoku sae aishi waratterareru you ni   atashi wa tatakaun da
Namida nante misenain da

Itsumo hitori de aruiteta   yukusaki ni wa gake ga matteta
Sore de mo atashi wa aruita   tsuyosa no shoumei no tame
Fukitsukeru tsuyoi kaze   ase de shatsu ga haritsuku
Itsuka wasurete shimaeru nara   ikiru koto sore wa tayasui mono
Boukyaku no kanata e to ochite iku nara   sore wa nigeru koto darou
Ikita imi sura kieru darou

Kaze wa yagate naideta   ase mo kawaite
O-naka ga suite kita na   nanika atta kke
Nigiyaka na koe to tomo ni ii nioi ga yattekita

Itsumo hitori de aruiteta   minna ga matte ita

Itsuka hito wa hitori ni natte   omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake
Sore de mo ii   yasuraka na kono kimochi wa   sore o nakama to yobun da
Itsuka minna to sugoshita hibi mo wasurete dokoka de ikiteru yo
Sono toki wa mou tsuyoku nanka nai yo
Futsuu no onna no ko no yowasa de namida o kobosu yo


17 responses to “Angel Beats! Ending Theme – Brave Song

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  2. This song reminds me that someday everyone will die eventually, so they will be alone, no one beside them, except their good deeds or bad deeds when they were alive..

  3. Very sad song.

  4. rather poetic with a sense of paradox in the mix. Very interesting considering that we can apply a double meaning to “friend” and get two seperate messages.

  5. indeed. This song is pretty beautiful, and really well made. I don’t think it’s too sad, yet it made me cry when I first read it along with the music.

  6. yes it is a litle sad bu not that much. it is rather relaxing i have to say.i like it!!!

  7. Its make me almost cry. Its very lonely but its also strong and powerful. Even thou sad, shes move on.

  8. it is a ‘brave’ song.she might be sad bat she moves on. the lyrics almost made me cry when i fearstly read them. it is areally beautiful song!!!!!!hontory arigato gozaimasu!!!!!!

  9. Thank you, I’m so glad I was able to find this beautiful song. 🙂
    Have a good day.

  10. This song is the deepest song i ever heard. I Can die in peace while listening to it.

  11. lol this anime makes you feel like dieing

  12. This is my favorite song,I can forget every other song that I have listened but somehow I can’t the same with it,it just remains in my mind forever.Whenever I feel somehow weak & I want to cry I just sing this song & sadness just slips away & I feel stronger than before.Really I LOVE THIS SONG!!

  13. I couldn’t catch up if the girl in the song committed suicide or not, as if you watched the anime you can understand she jumped the cliff and them woke up at the school in the other world, and kept living on with her new friends.

    Or you can also understand she understood bad things in the life are temporally and if she kept living she would eventually find happiness. As killing herself would only be running away.

    Any thoughts on that?

  14. that was yuri’s song. so sad

  15. in Angel beats! ova otinashi is the same while every one else is just acting crazy Ending=funny

  16. Very epic anime, very sad co’z it’s already ended, i wish they continue it, it must be greater if they show the hero helping other spirits to fulfill their wish… Sadly it’s ended like this.. ughhh.. who agree?

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