Angel Beats! Insert Song – My Song

My Song
Vocals: Girls Dead Monster (marina as Iwasawa)
Lyrics: Maeda Jun
Composition: Maeda Jun
Arrangement: Hikarisyuyo

The day ends while I’m searching for where I can vent my irritations to
The sky turns gray and I can’t see anything beyond it
Those who feign common sense are laughing; what kind of lies will they tell next?
Can you leave the things gotten that way carefully displayed?
But I must move forward to tomorrow
So I’ll sing like this

It’s you who are crying, it’s you who are lonely
You’re right, you’re being human
Tears I’ve shed will say this
It’s not a lie that it’s so beautiful, even like this; thank you for our true selves

There are dreams you want to fulfill and dreams you can’t reach
That itself turns into a dream, turns into hope, and people are able to live on, right?
A door exists; it’s waiting there
So I’ll reach out my hands

For you who are crushed, here’s the strength and confidence for you to be able to fight again and my song
Tears I’ve shed will say this
Thank you to the miracle that we were able to meet in a dirty and ugly world, even like this

My Song
Vocals: Girls Dead Monster (marina as Iwasawa)

Iradachi o doko ni butsukeru ka sagashiteru aida ni owaru hi
Sora wa haiiro o shite sono saki wa nani mo mienai
Joushiki butteru yatsu ga waratteru   tsugi wa donna uso o iu?
Sore de erareta mono   daiji ni kazatte okeru no?
Demo asu e to susumanakya naranai
Dakara kou utau yo

Naiteru kimi koso kodoku na kimi koso
Tadashii yo ningen rashii yo
Otoshita namida ga kou iu yo
Konna ni mo utsukushii uso ja nai hontou no bokura o arigatou

Kanaetai yume ya todokanai yume ga aru koto
Sore jitai ga yume ni nari kibou ni nari hito wa ikite ikerun daro
Tobira wa aru   soko de matte iru
Dakara te o nobasu yo

Kujiketa kimi ni wa mou ichido tatakaeru tsuyosa to jishin to kono uta o
Otoshita namida ga kou iu yo
Konna ni mo yogorete minikui sekai de deaeta kiseki ni arigatou


34 responses to “Angel Beats! Insert Song – My Song

  1. I love this song! Do you have any idea on who Marina is? I’ve been trying to find that out. People say it’s marina inoue but i have my doubts.

  2. This song made it hard to keep the tears down. Its so beatiful. Love it! Thanks for the translations! ❤

  3. …..i cant believe it….why…..she died.

    but her songs….make me stay remember her……hikss hiksss….

  4. Thanks for the lyrics and translation. Was able to work out most of the chords after listening on repeat for a while.

  5. arigato gozaimasu!!!!!!! i love this song, i hear it all the time!!!

  6. anjo l. sunga

    thank you for the emotional episodes that you made i was so inspired by the song .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)

  7. aaah~ I really wanna try playing this song by guitar. (Though I have zero talent in playing guitar) Anyone know the score sheet for this??

  8. ıts very beautiful thank you

  9. I’m a anima fans..Love all about the ACG,expecially the music & picture!

  10. Shes actually a reletively new singer who goes by the name of Marina she did some stuff with nico nico douga

  11. ah I love my love song very very much
    I was wondering if you’ll have the second season of Angel Beats

  12. Thanks!!!! i’ve download this song yesterday !!!! AMAZING!!!
    OOOOhhh~!!! a translation!!! XD!!!

  13. I think that there isn’t a second season of Angel beats….
    But a new season will be welcome!!XD

    ( excuse my bad english U.U)

  14. i love this song so muchit reminds me ofsomething happened a long time ago it helps me rember what i can of what happen dose any one know the guitar notes

  15. i wish i could play this on the guitar but i cant play 😦 this song made me cry when i heard it in the anime ❤ ^-^~

  16. This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. I heard it last night while watching Angel Beats and replayed it like six times. I couldn’t stop crying, it’s so… emotional.

  17. thanks yach..i like it….yuhuu

  18. Thanks a lot, i love the music of this anime is really cool +10

  19. wow! Is this song is very cute and im so happy when i hear this song

  20. wow! Is this song is very cute and im so happy when i hear this song! This is one of my favorite anime song! I love it’

  21. the angel beats! Song is my favorite song promise, and if the girls dead monster have a album i will buy it.

  22. the angel beats!is the best song that i never heared:-)

  23. Girls dead monster does have an album.

  24. Amo la canción My Song, así que estuve buscando quien la cantaba, al parecer se llama NAKAMURA MARINA.
    Aquí les dejo paginas que encontré.
    PD: ella es un misterio, me a costado mucho encontrar información y la que tengo no es suficiente.

  25. Love this song…its a shame she vanished

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