Umineko no Naku Koro ni Image Album: ROKKENJIMA in LOVE – Seizensetsu

~Bernkastel Image Song

Doctrine of Fundamentally Good
Vocals: Noe
Lyrics: dai
Composition: dai
Arrangement: dai

If I
Seemed to be a demon
Then let’s praise me
For a little bit
Even if blood flows when you grip
Onto my cold, white, little fingers

Your smiling face from the distant days
Is never found
But if I’m at fault
Then someday…

Please, from your heart
Hate and kill the cruel me

If the wounded words decay
And the redness that scours this world vanishes

Please, please, please smile
And kill the cruel me
Don’t grieve
If you vow to kill me
Then the shining blueness will fall upon the two of us

Someone, please smile at me
And learn of the unnoticeable truth
I want you to grasp my fingers that tremble too much
I wonder why you’re sad like this

Vocals: Noe

Moshi mo, boku ga
Akuma ni mieta nara
Chotto dake
Boku o homeyou
Shiroku tsumetai chiisa na yubi o
Nigirishime chi ga nagarete mo

Tooi hi no kimi no egao
Itsu made mo mitsukaranai ne
Dakedo boku ga warumono ni
Nareba itsuka wa…

Douka, kimi wa kokoro kara
Zankoku na boku o nikumi koroshite

Kizutsuketa kotoba ga kusatte
Kono yo o arau aka ga kietara

Douka, douka, kimi wa hohoende
Zankoku na boku o koroshite kudasai
Anata ga korosu to chikaeba
Futari kagayaku ao ga furu

Dareka, boku ni hohoende
Kizukarenai uso o shitte kudasai
Furuesugiru yubi o tsukande hoshii no
Nande konna ni mo kanashiin darou ka


5 responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni Image Album: ROKKENJIMA in LOVE – Seizensetsu

  1. I love this song, is just pretty and somewhat sad~
    I would love if you could translate other songs from ROKKENJIMA in LOVE like えぐりて☆ ❤

  2. wah I want entreat!
    the ange image song ;w;

  3. Thanks for the translation, I was surprised to hear this in EP6 (vocal off), then again, I can see why the vocal is off (clearly Trollkastle would actually be singing this)

  4. So wonderful ;____;

  5. Ep1-4 Bern is such a troll.

    Ep7-8 Bern would love to meet people who believe this song. Their inards will be all over the place ❤

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