Vocaloid Original Song Synchronicity ~Meguru Sekai no Requiem~ – Kimi o Sagasu Sora

As described on the song’s site, Kimi o Sagasu Sora is the song featured in the first chapter of the three-part saga Synchronicity ~Meguru Sekai no Requiem~. Check out the NicoNico video, it has legendary outfits.

Rin and Len are a pair of twins who were forcefully separated soon after their birth. As Len now comes of age, he sets off on a journey through the kingdom to find his twin sister, encountering the powerful few who control the land.

Len – The Younger Twin Brother of the Songstress
Rin – The Songstress of the Dragon
Miku – The Witch of the Dragon
Kaito – The Joker
Meiko – The Imperial Swordmaiden
Kamui – The Imperial Scholar
Luka – The Imperial Priestess

“The boy sets off. Relying on the girl’s singing voice, at the yonder of the boundless sky.”

The Sky where I Search for You
Vocals: Kagamine Len
Lyrics: HitoshizukuP
Composition: HitoshizukuP
Arrangement: HitoshizukuP

While I’m aimless, going on the road stretching to the east
The one who accompanies me is only my shadow alone; and I advance

I’m making your distant voice sing, etched into the map
On a blank piece of paper, seeking your shadow

In my fate circulating endlessly and far, far away
I search for my incomplete heart and wander aimlessly

Into myself, I sear your singing voice
That even waters my dried soul and I won’t leave it
Until the day when I find your smiling face…

Kimi o Sagasu Sora
Vocals: Kagamine Len

Higashi ni nobiru michi e ate mo nai mama
Tsuredatsu mono wa tada kage no mi   susumu

Hakushi no chizu ni kizamu tooi utagoe
Kanaderu sono kage o sagashimotomete

Tooku tooku hatenaku meguri yuku sadame
Kaketa kokoro sagashite ate mo naku samayou

Kawaita tamashii sae uruosu utagoe
Yakitsuite hanarenai
Kimi no egao o mitsukeru hi made…


6 responses to “Vocaloid Original Song Synchronicity ~Meguru Sekai no Requiem~ – Kimi o Sagasu Sora

  1. Thanks you for this lyric (Romanji and English). I love this sing. Are you the lyric of the chapter 2 ?

  2. I highly doubt it since it would be so time consuming, but I would love you to death and back if you translated some of the written story pertaining to this part, or even just the extra side notes on the site. Even if you don’t though, thanks a bunch for the lyrics

  3. You forgot to mention Teto appearing in Part 1 too (look closely at the Diva killed by the Dragon)

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