Approaching 5,000,000 Kiriban

This site is now quickly approaching the 5,000,000th hit mark, but I’m currently busy with trying to finish Umineko in time before school starts next week. So I don’t think I’ll make a kiriban gift this time. School isn’t the only issue though. I half-jokingly set up an account for myself on since, I’ll admit, filling in the profile was the funniest part of the whole thing (Rule #1: You can’t ever change your height). I don’t really expect too much from searching online or in real life; I’ll probably wind up in front of my laptop again day after day.

All I draw nowadays are lolis anyways.

2 responses to “Approaching 5,000,000 Kiriban

  1. Grats on 5 million hits.

  2. Where on this blog? I don’t recall any.

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