Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ending Theme – la divina tragedia ~Makyoku~

Rating: 8/10. ★★★★★★★★☆☆

la divina tragedia ~Divine Tragedy~
Vocals: JIMANG
Lyrics: JIMANG
Composition: JIMANG

This night ends, and what do I seek?
Recollections cruelly laugh at me with scorn…

Oh beloved one, don’t reject the Desire to slash apart the darkness
My desire has no place to die, in the final mad banquet
Oh beloved demon, fulfill the Desire to tear apart my heart
A forbidden Desire, tonight, I shall present fools to you

This dream ends, and what do you think of?
The poetry of pity, the smile of contempt
Reminiscences only circulate through me for eternity

Oh beloved thing, don’t reject the Desire to revere magick
My desire has no place to go, in the miraculous mad banquet
Oh beloved child, search for the Desire to tremble with fear
An unyielding Desire, tonight, I shall present bait to you

Come on, it’s a mysterious accomplishment

Oh beloved sacrifice, don’t cry about the Desire to slash apart hell
My desire has no place to live, in the promised mad banquet
Oh beloved future, resist the Desire to love despair
The Desire for…whom? Tonight, I shall present a reward to you

la divina tragedia ~Makyoku~
Vocals: JIMANG

Kono yoru ga owari   ware wa nani o motomu
Tsuioku wa zankoku ni   azawarau wa…

Yami o kirisaku Oh Desire   kobamu nakare itoshii hito yo
Ikeru basho naki Oh My Prayers   saigo no utage yo
Yami o hikisaku Oh Desire   kanaetamae itoshii hito yo
Yurusarenaki Oh Desire   sacrifice a sheep to a god

Kono yume ga owari   unu wa nani o omou
Awaremi no uta   sagesumi no bishou
Tsuisou wa eien ni   meguru dake

Yami o agameru Oh Desire   kobamu nakare itoshii hito yo
Ikeru basho naki Oh My Soul   kiseki no utage yo
Yami ni ononoku Oh Desire   sagashitamae itoshii hito yo
Akiramenaki Oh Desire   sacrifice a sheep to a god

Saa   shinpi no jouju sa

Yami o kirisaku Oh Desire   naku koto nakare itoshii hito yo
Ikeru basho naki the Man of Sorrows   chikai no utage o
Yami o mederu Oh Desire   aragaitamae itoshii hito yo
Dare ga…tame no Oh Desire   sacrifice a sheep to a god


17 responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni Ending Theme – la divina tragedia ~Makyoku~

  1. Oh god. I had thought they were joking when they changed the ending line of the ED’s subs for the anime to read “sacrifice a sheep to god”.

  2. Ditto. o-o

    The music’s very good, and it’s full version is AMAZING, but this particular line still bottering me. XD

  3. I know, right? It’s a fantastic song, but that line seems a bit…off with the rest of it.
    Since I doubt the translation changes at all by it being ‘sacrificing to god’ due to the two lines being pretty much synonymous I’m going to go ahead and memorize it as sacrificing to god.
    It really does sound better than sacrifice a sheep to a god if you ask me.

    Maybe they just translated the lyrics on CD cover literally from the kanji instead of how it’s actually sung? XD
    I’m probably just in denial, but oh well, we can always hope.

    • The original Japanese text in the booklet was “今宵__を汝に贈ろう” (“tonight, I shall present ____ to you”). On top of that line it was written that “sacrifice a sheep to a god” is how it should be pronounced, regardless of how far the meanings differ.

  4. From an artistic standpoint, along with Atashi’s translation which put it into a better context albeit being highly… The exact term for what she did while translating is escaping my mind, romanticized comes to mind, though I doubt that’s right, and she’d get mad if I labelled it as just fluffing up the lyrics but oh well. Regardless, it does make sense for “sacrifice sheep to god” to be part of the lines given the previous ones since that can be heard while listening to it, but I don’t really know where all those a’s come from.

  5. Hello, just a comment to thank you for your work (sorry for my poor english, I’m French and I’m not accustomed to write in english ^^”

    For the translation of this song, merci, I don’t really understand why the lyrics of booklet are written like that, but thanks to your translation work, now I can understand the song ^.^

    Also, arigatou for the explanations of Umineko’s games, especially for your attempt to solve the Witch’s Epitaph, you are amazing to understand japanese =O

    Ja nee, and sorry again for my very bad english ><"

  6. Sorry to disturb, but could you help me?
    I m mad about Higurashi and mineko. My only wish now (i am hoe less about manga=))is to play the games, but they are not translated, there is no adaptation. Anyway, is there any possibility for me to play them?


  8. well in my point…

    a reverse translation…

    in Japanese it was sung using “sacrifice a sheep to a god”

    then when it was translated in English “Tonight, I shall present a reward to you”

    and somehow… is some aspects especially in conservative Catholic the using “sacrifice a sheep to a god” would look like a pagan action…

    using “Tonight, I shall present a reward to you” change the feeling and meaning of the whole song

    well this is only my opinion though

  9. Could you possibly put up the kanji for this song? There appears to be a lot of things written one way but are meant to be read another, so I’m curious. (I love when songwriters do that.)


  10. Once I realized he was actually singing “Sacrifice sheep to god” I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for lyrics! ^^

  11. Sacrifice sheep to god.

    At the heart of God’s sovereignty is the sacrificial Lamb. In the book of Revelation the Lamb of God is the triumphant victorious Sovereign Lamb who sits on the throne. The “one slain,” as if its throat had been slashed in the vicarious substitutionary sacrifice for sin.

    Also sheep can just mean the people who are slain/sacrificed for the ritual with no deeper symbolism attached.

    It makes sense in the context even if it’s just fantasy fiction which doesn’t follow any actual ways of any existing religions just takes bits from here and there and mashes them up.

    Sacrificing to god on the hand would be engrish and while that too is typical for japanese songs (don’t scary, etc.)

    The song and vocals were clearly built separately as they seem completely detached most of the time. Most notably the tempo and pacing are pretty much constantly off sync and thus the instrumental track tends to sound quite different to the one with vocals.

    i blame the ambitiously flamboyant singer lol.

  12. So, the subs aren’t wrong – “Sacrifice a sheep to God” but to be honest, it EXACTLY sounds like “Sacrificing to God”…OH CONFUSING!

    But even if it’s really “Sacrificing to God” what does it mean ? “God” is not a verb, if its a noun then it still is not understood in English. its not like “Road to heaven”!

    or maybe its just a phrase for “to sacrifice yourself to meet God” ? or “to sacrifice a sheep to be a God” LOL XD XD XD

    or maybe it means “Sacrificing” (a noun) talks to “God” ?

  13. who is the singer of this song pleaseeee…. answer me at arigatuu

  14. @Vet Lestrange : the singer was Jimang 🙂

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