Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – Wie schön!

Yet another song in German. I don’t get it, either.

Wie schön!
Lyrics: Kano Kaori
Composition: Iwasaki Taku
Arrangement: Iwasaki Taku

Aus zum Nachthimmel, streck’ich mich, der mich blendet.
Ich fleh’Dich an, Du Wundergöttin mein!
Du gibst mir die Kraft des Lebens.
Aus der Quelle schwallt Prophetensang.
Schwör mir dein Liebesband mit Lorberkrone.
Oh, mein Romio!

Mich webt die arge Spinne in den Abgrundwirbel!
Ziehst du mich in jenes Fabelland!
Laßt uns glühende Asche sein im schweigen der Sternenwelt.

Tausend Jahre schlafen wir in verlor’ner Vergessenheit.
Tausend Jahre schlafen wir wie verborgener Wein!

Die Zeit ist vorbei und Tod verbleibt.
Auch uns wird es so ergehen.
Als Schaf maskiert, die Tänzerin taumelt im Freudenschwall.
Und das Einhorn schenkt uns das letzte Abendmahl.

Juliettes Wunsch ist klar.
Fort mit dem Bösewicht mit schwarzer Farbe.
Der Purpurtaube bestimmt unser Leben.

Oh du schöne Welt! Oh mein Romio!
Ein Kuß von ganzem Herzen!
Wie schön!

5 responses to “Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – Wie schön!

  1. oh my gosh XD
    I listened to both german songs and, although I’m a natural speaker it understood nearly anything ö.ö And after all, the lyrics are kinda strange…ö__ö…the chosen words are sometimes really funny, allthough their meaning is moreover serious and really dramatic…
    I could try to translate the song for you, if you want me to do this 🙂

    Btw, thanks a lot for all the awesome translations 🙂 I’m so happy that I stumbled over your site! 😀

    • Sure, if you want to translate it, go right ahead. 🙂

      • I’m not the one who commented above, but I did a translation and hope you won’t mind mine either! ;)So here it is:

        How beautiful

        I stretch towards the night sky, which is blinding me.
        I beg to you, oh miraculous goddess of mine!
        It is you who gives me the strength of life.
        From the well sounds the prophet’s chant.
        Swear to me your bond of love with a crown made of laurel (*).
        Oh, my Romeo!

        The malicious spider weaves me into the abysmal maelstrom,
        If you pull me into that fairytale-like land!
        Let us be smouldering ashes in the silence of the starlit skies. (literally “Starworld”

        A thousand of years we rest/sleep in lost oblivion.
        A thousand of years we rest/sleep like hidden wine.

        The time has passed and only death remains.
        We as well will suffer the same fate.
        Masked as a sheep, the dancer staggers in a surge of joy.
        And the unicorn will offer to us the last supper.

        Clear is Juliette’s wish.
        Away with the villain dressed in black (literally “with black colour”)
        The purple dove determines our life.

        Oh you beautiful world! Oh, my Romeo!
        A kiss from the bottom of a heart!
        How beautiful!

        (*) this might refer to an ancient greek myth of Apollon and Daphne.

  2. New here, from Toronto, Canada

    Just a quick hello from as I’m new to the board. I’ve seen some interesting comments so far.

    To be honest I’m new to forums and computers in general 🙂


  3. Oh my… lol
    I’m german and didn’t understand anything when I listened to the song xDD
    Even with the lyrics it’s difficult oô

    However, I like it^^

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