Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – Si deus me relinquit

This is the chilling soprano song heard in a few episode of Kuroshitsuji. The lyrics were originally in Latin, but a Japanese translation was provided in the lyrics booklet.
There are five people listed on the page of credits in the booklet, but no specific singer was credited for this song.

Rating: 7/10. ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

If God has forsaken me
Lyrics: Konishi Kayo
Composition: Iwasaki Taku
Arrangement: Iwasaki Taku

If God has forsaken me,
Then I shall forsake God, too.

Only the oppressed may possess a black key,
I close all doors
Thus I seal away all prayers.

who protects me?
From the most frightful: myself

Si deus me relinquit
Lyrics: Konishi Kayo
Composition: Iwasaki Taku
Arrangement: Iwasaki Taku

Si deus me relinquit,
Ego deum relinquo.

Solus oppressus nigram clavem habere potest,
Omnias ianuas praecludo
Sic omnias precationes obsigno.

qui me defendet?
Ab me terribilissimo ipse.


36 responses to “Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – Si deus me relinquit

  1. Thank you very much,I was looking for them for a long time now ^____^

  2. omg! i love this song!! gives me chills whenever i hear it! *__*

  3. Thanks for the lyrics! Who would’ve thought that the chilly feeling the song gives is backed up by it’s lyrics. Terrifyingly beautiful. (Osoroshii utsukushii…)

  4. Is it just me, or does he woman who sing this sound exactly like the woman who sings Libera me From Hell? I mean, I think it’s possible since both songs are composed by Taku Iwasaki.

  5. Awesome!!!!!!

  6. Tragic, but beautiful.

  7. awesome song!! I love it !! very dark and intense ^^

    Thanks a lot =)

  8. oooh I love this song
    it sounds so beautiful and makes me feel melancholic whenever I hear it

  9. I don’t understand the last part:
    who protects me?
    From the most frightful: myself

    Does that mean I will protect myself from the most frightful or does it mean that who will protect me from myself who is the most frightful?


    • i guess it’s trying to say, since this person has forsaken god, who will protect them? particularly from themselves- the worst type of pain is self inflicted, and the human psyche can be a dangerous thing.

    • i think its trying to say, “but, once i have forsaken god, then who will protect me from, not only the fearsome, horrible things in life, but also myself?” and then later when it the last few lines from “Omnias ianuas praecludo” are repeated, the singer’s voice is shaking, and she is gasping, and it is also in a much more minor key than before, so she is like, “oh, ****, what have I done?”

    • Personally, I think it means that who’s actually going to protect the person from the most destructive force; themselves. The force that closed off all other links (and if we take context from Black Butler, where Ciel actually makes a pact with a demon) it shows almost a begging for someone to stop the person in question; themselves.

  10. when i first heard this song, i couldn’t help but to shed a few tears. The voice and the depth of the song moved me, but as corny as it sounds, i cried when i read the english translations.

  11. I almost died into depression because of this song… now that I heard ningou no kan it even comes to be happy

  12. ‘Sed qui me defendet? Ab me teriblissimo: ipse’.

    I love how these two lines summarise the whole meaning of the song. For me, it means that when we have blocked out God, there is nothing that can save us from ourselves. ‘Sed’ (however) really highlights the futility of ‘closing all doors’ and ‘sealing away all prayers’. In other words, it says to me ‘what does doing all this achieve, when all I’ve done is left myself open for self destruction?’

    The song is beautifully written and hauntingly sad. Sorry for the rant ;D

  13. I love this song/ost sooo much!!<3i love the first 2 lines "si deus me relinquit Ego deum relinquo" it just makes me feel dark inside And I like It!! Im so happy I found the lyrics!

  14. The image which strikes me while listening to this is the one of a child who has seen too much evil in the world and who has lost all faith in “the Good of God”, praying this by his/her bedside, tears in its defiant eyes, forsaking all that has been taught by the custodians of faith.
    Makes me remember the time when I realised there is no God who listens to a childs pleas to help those she loved most. I’m guessing there are many who can recall those moments of their childhood, and thus experiences more intense emotions than what one would otherwise.

    • but the is a God Jesus

    • No. The sadness of this song comes from the fact that she realized her mistake. She realized the consequence of rejecting God, and she suffered. She was left with only herself for defense after she left God.

      If your prayers were not answered then it is obvious that you made the same mistake. I do not mean to sound harsh, but God does not always say yes. Nor did he say life was going to be easy.

      Here’s the key:

      If God has forsaken me,
      Then I shall forsake God, too.

      She left God because she lost faith.

      Only the oppressed may possess a black key,
      I close all doors
      Thus I seal away all prayers.

      Only those who lose sight of God can fall so deeply into the darkness. She pushed God out of her life thus refusing to pray to him anymore. She did not get something that she wanted.

      who protects me?
      From the most frightful: myself

      After that she realizes just what she did. She lost every bit of love at that point, and she realized just how messed up her life was from there. From then on she had only herself, the most frightful (the one tainted with sin), to protect herself.

      Do you not realize the meaning of this? It is a song of regret, not hate.

  15. Thanks for putting up the lyrics, now I can appreciate and interpret the song deeper…It’s truly haunting and sad, at first when I heard it, I couldn’t understand why I felt so sad but reading this I understand now…It reminds me of many things I don’t want to think of anymore…

    The me now, would sing it this way :

    If God has not forsaken me, how can I forsake God? Only the faithful may possess a key, I open all doors, thus I repeat again all these prayers. And to those who protect me, from the most frightful : myself. Save me

  16. When I heard this hauntingly beautiful song, I broke down and cried for the first time in ages. It’s like it reached my heart before I even knew what the song meant. I really felt sad for the poor soul that allowed for their self-destruction to occur by forsaking God.

    • This is why our world has gotten as messed up as it is now. More and more people reject God. Day by day our world slowly falls into the darkness. Soon the end shall come, and we will all be judged.

      This song left it incomplete. In the end, no soul suffer. Everyone will someday accept God.

  17. after watching kuroshitsuji/ black butler i realized that this song truly reflects what ciel has gone through in his short life -spoilers- and now i know that it meant that he was going to end up as a demon because he has forsaken god, when god had abandoned him. but this song made me cry..and it touched me deeply to where my soul once was…O.o

  18. This song had always creeped me out, but in a good way. I love the lyrics so much, both in English and Latin. Every song written for Black Butler was so elegantly composed… they fit the series so well.

    When I listen to this, I picture Ciel next to a flickering candle (his faith) in a dark room, with Sebastian watching from behind, ready to hear whatever he has to say. Eventually Ciel asks him to blow out the candle, and the room goes dark…

  19. This song is so beautiful. I had played it in my car with my 8 person family in it. Everyone got quiet. My younger brother (7), my younger sister (13), and my mother started crying. It`s so touching… I love it.

  20. i love this beautiful song, it brings me to tears each time i hear it. it’s rather sad but beautiful…

  21. What are the words in the background at around 5 minutes, 11 seconds? I’ve been cracking my skull trying to figure it out. My ears hear “Won’t you let me live,” or “Why won’t you let me live,” but are the words even in English, or are they a repeated part of the lyrics in Latin?

    • I hear “si una vide” which (acording to google translate) means “see if there is one” in latin. I’m guessing that if that is true she’s referring to see either if there is somebody to protect her OR if there is a god (I’m going with the first one though). But remember, I might have heard it wrong or google could’ve translated wrong as usual…

      I hope this helped!

      • oh and if you try to translate it on google it’s in the alternate translation (it only makes sense that way).

      • Sorry it took so long to reply to this!

        “Si una vide”? Wow, I must be really deaf because I can’t hear that. The phrase sounds like it’s in English to me. It may have to do with the singer because the Latin that I hear her singing doesn’t match with the lyrics. During “solus oppressus nigram,” I hear “Onias asgrel urusel” O.O My ears must be shot.

        Well, the Latin makes a lot of sense. Thanks for that!

  22. Beautiful and chilling. So very appropriate for Ciel.

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  24. One of the most tragically beautiful songs I’ve ever hear in my life. I cried the first time I heard it.

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