Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – Die Hasen!

As far as I can tell it’s an insert song that never made it into the anime.
It’s also in German. If someone fluent in German would like to take a crack at it, be my guest. I’ll credit you if you can share the translation with me.
A quick glance at the Japanese text provided in the booklet indicates that the song is about bunny rabbits and running around.

Die Hasen!
Lyrics: Kano Kaori
Composition: Iwasaki Taku
Arrangment: Iwasaki Taku

Weiter, weiter, immer weiter! Lauf bis wohin?
Straßen und Gassen nach rechts oder links.
Mögen der Himmel, die Sonne uns dummen
zeigen “Wo ist der Schwur?”

Findest du den das Vollständigkeit an
Verbring’ne Tage gescäftig getan?
Schwindler ist! Heuchler ist! Alles! Alles!

Jemand schmeichelt alles!
Unbekannt jemand rollt die Welt!
‘S’ist nähmlich so, “Der Lauf der Welt”. Ganz gewiss!

Wir sind die Hasen!
Lustig, fröhlich springen auf den Heiden.
Keiner weiß, was wir mit
leerem Kopf und nackt und bloß noch leben.
Haben keine Frage, nur den großen Traum,
der wird weiter uns erwürgen! Wahnsinn!

Sie lag mit dem Roggenbrot als Paradestück.
Einsam spielt sie auf dem Teller wie Schutt und Asch’!
Jetzt hat ich gar nichts! Wo ist sie? Ich weiß nicht wo?
“Die Bedeutung meines Lebens”

Suchen wir! Kramen wir! Wo sie auch sein mag!
Innern die Schublade, des Rocks oder Portmonaie.
Furchtbares! Schreckliches! Eilen wir! Suchen wir!

Unsichtbarer Teufel soll kommen mit viel lautem Donner.
Wir müssen sie finden oder fliehen bevor er uns verschlingt!

17 responses to “Kuroshitsuji Insert Song – Die Hasen!

  1. I gave it a shot — it was a little hard to understand in places, since the German isn’t perfect and the lyrics are pretty weird to begin with, so I’m not sure it’s 100% correct, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

    Onward, onward, ever onward! where are you walking to?
    Streets and lanes, to the right or the left
    Liking the heavens, the sun dumbly
    Shows us “where is the vow?”

    Do you find completeness, then,
    Spending days busily working?
    It’s a fraud! It’s a fake! Everything! Everything!

    Somebody flatters everybody!
    Unknown, someone rolls the world!
    This is namely “The Walk of the World.” Sure enough!

    We are the rabbits!
    Funny, happy, springing on the heathens.
    No one knows how we,
    Empty-headed and bare naked, still live.
    We have no questions, just a big dream
    That strangles us! Madness!

    It lies with the rye bread on the showpiece
    Alone it plays on the plate like rubbish and ash!
    Now I have nothing! Where is it? I know not where?
    “The importance of my life”

    We search! We rummage! Where it also wants to be!
    The inside of drawers, skirts or pocketbooks.
    Terrible! Horrible! We rush! We search!

    Invisible devils shall come with much loud thunder.
    We must find them or flee before he devours us!

    • nice translation ^^
      Only thing I can see without reading it all is that “Lauf bis wohin” should be translated like “where are you running to”

      • Actually it would be “run to where” (word by word- translation- doesn’t make much sense) since the grammar is pretty messed up. :S
        And the song made it into the anime: When Grell cuts the bushes and trees of the Phantomhive manor, creating skulls, it is played for about ten seconds.

  2. ah, this song was used in the anime, i forgot what number episode but i definitely remember hearing it!

  3. this song was in the episode where bulter!grell was cutting the trees at the phantomhive mansion- ep 3, i think?

  4. Hmm, I also tried my hand at a translation for these lyrics. The lyrics in itself are not really “complete” in German, but since it is the language I originally speak, I tried to twist the words around a little, until everything made more sense. 🙂 So here is my translation ( I hope it really does make sense, because at least to me it does for the most parts now. 😉 )

    Onward, onward, always onward. Run until which point?
    Streets and alleys, right and left.
    May the heavens/sky, may the sun reveal to us foolish ones
    “Where lies/is the oath?”

    Tell, do you find integrity in
    Busily spent days, already passed?
    A fraud it is! Hypocrisy it is! Everything! Everything!

    Someone coaxes everybody
    Someone unknown keeps the world turning.
    That’s how it is, the “Course of the world”. Most certainly!

    We are the rabbits!
    Merrily, joyfully hopping on the heath.
    No one knows how what we still live for,
    With empty heads/minds, naked and bare.
    We do not have questions, just that one big dream,
    Which will strangle us further! Insanity!

    It lay with rye bread for a show-piece.
    Forlorn it played on the plate, like it was but smouldering ashes. (*)
    But now I have nothing! Where is it? I don’t know where?
    “The meaning of my life” (**)

    Let us search! Let us rummage! Wherever it may be!
    In a drawer, down a skirt or in a wallet/purse.
    Something dreadful, something horrible is coming! (***) Let us rush! Let us search!

    An invisible devil is to come with roaring thunder.
    We have to find it or flee, before he engulfs us!

    * Literally it would be translated as “in boulder and ashes”, but “in Schutt und Asche” is a metaphor for something that is utterly destroyed, often used for burnt down cities after war.
    ** maybe also meant as “the purpose in (my) life”
    *** if looking at the last lines it makes sense to add “is coming”

  5. On the contrary, it was shown in the anime. The song was used when Grell messed up all the bushes.

  6. I love this song… Does anyone know where I can get hold of it? I’m struggling a little XD

  7. The lyrics are in some parts incorrect XD
    btw incorrect german.

    But i like this song at all…but…i think the text make no sense XD

    but good job at all :’D

  8. Okay, I went over the lyrics, and it DOES sound like a bunch of nonsense. It’s German, and the lyrics don’t make any sense. But, I’ve realized why. One of the lines says: It was the rye bread.

    In the past, there were whole cities who were infected by ergot poisoning, a fungus that grows on rye, and it would literally turn people temporarily insane. There were whole cities in France that went completely insane for long periods of time. I think the singer is supposed to be insane in this.

    And it was used in episode 3 when Grell cut the trees into skulls. xD

  9. It was slso in the OVA when they advertise Pluplu’s fabe doggie snacks.

  10. I speak german…. and thats not correctly! ^_^ But… it sounds good. Thats all.~

    Ich mag es, es klingt trotzdem noch sehr gut – auch wenn der Akzent an manchen stellen sehr hart ist. (:

  11. I´m from germany and even if this song is awesome, this is fucking bad german XD
    Also they pronounce alot words wrong and a few things no one will understand in germany because it dont make any sense^^
    German sounds better, but its hard to learn for a not-german Its good, but not german^^

  12. i am German native speaker and this isn´t German at all! 😦
    I am sorry but I only understand some things and the tenses are wrong as well as the “Artikel”
    I am glad that it did not made it into the series, because it is really bade German without any sense 😦
    an elementary student would write a better text than this and the pronunciation of the song is also incorrect. when i heard it the first time, i was really really disappointed and i did not understand a single sentence 😦
    greetings Bianca

  13. This would be correct German (from the bad version i corrected, now even grammar is correct):
    Weiter, weiter, immer weiter! Laufen bis wohin?
    Straßen und Gassen, nach rechts oder links.
    Möge der Himmel, oder die Sonne uns dummen
    zeigen wo der Schwur ist.

    Findest du dann die Vollständigkeit?
    Verbring die Tage geschäftig.
    Du Schwindler! Du Heuchler! Tu alles! Tu alles!

    Jemand, der sich alles schön redet!
    Unbekannt ist was die Welt kreisen lässt!
    Dies ist “Der Lauf der Welt”. Ganz gewiss!

    Wir sind die Hasen!
    Lustig, fröhlich springen wir auf den Heiden.
    Keiner weiß, was wir mit
    unseren leeren Köpfen denken, nackt sind wir, bloß am Leben.
    Wir haben keine Fragen, nur einen großen Traum,
    der uns bald verschlingen wird! Das ist Wahnsinn!

    Sie hatte ein Roggenbrot als bestes Stück,
    alleine auf dem Teller liegen, ganz legär!
    Doch ich habe gar nichts! Wo ist was für mich? Ich weiß nicht wo
    “Die Bedeutung meines Lebens” ist.

    Suchen wir! Kramen wir! Wo sie auch sein mag…
    In der Schublade, im Rock oder im Portmonaie.
    Furchtbar! Schrecklich! Schnell finden wir sie! Suchen wir sie!

    Wir müssen sie finden,
    bevor der unsichtbare Teufel mit lautem Donner kommt,
    oder wir müssen fliehen bevor er uns verschlingt!

    greetings Bianca ❤

  14. It’s really funny how a Japanese tries to sing German and ends up sounding like a drunk Russian xD
    But thanks for the lyrics….even though I am German I understood only about 10% .___.

    And the translation someone posted is really good 😀

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