Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 1st Ending Theme – Uso

Rating: 8/10. ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Vocals: SID
Lyrics: Mao
Composition: Yuya
Arrangement: SID & Nishihira Akira

Hey, do you remember the scarlet sky, the sky we saw on that day?
Making a promise, the early summer wind enveloped us; the two of us came closer together

Behind a forced smile, I harbor a grown shadow
So I pretend to not notice it and choose rebirth

I keep waiting for a notification that won’t tremble on the table
And I knew about everything, the blank nights and the mornings that shouldn’t come, too

Hey, I wonder if you did forget about the scarlet sky, the sky we saw on that day
The promise tore apart and vanished into the early summer wind; the two of us can’t go back

In this room where sounds, colors, and temperatures are cut in half
After I mess it up today, too, I stagger, grow tired, and fall asleep

“Deceive me well, okay? I hate yet love lies” were your words
Nowadays, given how much those feelings hurt, we bid goodbye

We waved at each other, saying, “See you again someday,” but we won’t meet anymore, right?
The final lie was a tender lie; I won’t forget about it

Hey, someday, will you recall the scarlet sky, the sky we saw on that day?
Embracing the promise we couldn’t keep, the two of us start walking

Vocals: SID

Ano hi mita sora   akane-iro no sora o   nee   kimi wa oboete imasu ka
Yakusoku   chigiri   shoka no kaze ga tsutsumu   futari   yorisotta

Muri na egao no ura   nobita kage o kakumau
Dakara   kizukanu furi   saisei o erabu

Teeburu no ue no   furuenai shirase   machitsuzukete
Kuuhaku no yoru mo   kuru hazu no nai asa mo   zenbu wakattetan da

Ano hi mita sora   akane-iro no sora o   nee   kimi wa wasureta no deshou
Yakusoku   chigiri   shoka no kaze ni kieta   futari   modorenai

Oto mo   iro mo   ondo mo   hanbun ni natta   kono heya
Kyou mo chirakashite wa   yure   tsukare   nemuru

“Jouzu ni damashite ne   uso wa kirai de suki” kimi no kotoba
Imagoro ni natte   kimochi wa itai hodo   dakara   bokura   sayonara

Itsuka mata ne to   te o furiatta kedo   mou au koto wa nai no deshou
Saigo no uso wa   yasashii uso deshita   wasurenai

Ano hi mita sora   akane-iro no sora o   nee   itsuka omoidasu deshou
Hatasenakatta   yakusoku o idaite   futari   arukidasu


あの日見た空 茜色の空をねえ 君は憶えていますか
約束 契り 初夏の風が包む 二人 寄り添った

無理な笑顔の裏 伸びた影をかくまう
だから 気づかぬふり 再生を選ぶ

テーブルの上の 震えない知らせ 待ち続けて
空白の夜も 来るはずのない朝も 全部わかってたんだ

あの日見た空 茜色の空を ねえ 君は忘れたのでしょう
約束 千切り 初夏の風に消えた 二人 戻れない

音も 色も 温度も 半分になった この部屋
今日も散らかしては 揺れ 疲れ 眠る

「上手に騙してね 嘘は嫌いで好き」君の言葉
今頃になって 気持ちは痛いほど だから 僕ら さよなら

いつかまたねと 手を振り合ったけど もう逢うことはないのでしょう
最後の嘘は 優しい嘘でした 忘れない

あの日見た空 茜色の空を ねえ いつか思い出すでしょう
果たせなかった 約束を抱いて 二人 歩き出す

33 responses to “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 1st Ending Theme – Uso

  1. I’m pretty sure the vocals is Mao because SID is the name of the band and Mao is the vocalist

  2. I’ve been reading your translations for quite some time and I must say you’re doing a wonderfull job. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. As I’m a huge FMA fan I’m glad you decided to translate the songs of the new FMA series too! ❤

    • Me too!! I hope that you can get the video or audio and put it here too!!! I’M ALSO A FAN OF FULL METAL ALCHEMIST!!!!! Especially Ed, Al and Winry.. I even read the manga already… ^_^

  3. both fma new songs are absolutely gorgeous! keeping the good tradition from the last series. thanks for translating them 🙂

  4. I absolutely love the ending!!! The opening’s good too, but the end is just stuck in my head =D

  5. Thanks for the translation and kanji. May I use them on my blog?

  6. FMA brotherhood ROCKS!!! I love this, thx for square enix for remake this! I love the ending song, stuck on my head >.< but i dont like the opening song, sounds girly, maybe it’s better if YUI didn’t sing it with her too cute voice XD~

    • i think it’s perfect for YUI to sing that song. she has an amazing voice and even though her voice is high pitched, i don’t find ‘Again’ girly at all.

    • i think it’s perfect for YUI to sing that song. she has an amazing voice, and even though it’s high-pitched i don’t find ‘Again’ girly at all.

      • Yui has barely singed as an echo/second voice in some songs of SID… she really isn’t the vocal for this xD

        Mao sings it, and he does as always a wonderful job… i’ve heard this way before knowing it was FMA Brotherhood ending theme… when i heard this in that anime, i said loudly “ehi! i know this!” xDDD went searching and found it was really uso 😛

        Great song, althought it isn’t the best song by them 😛 AJISAAAAAAIIII!

  7. Sion has a point, the CD booklet, when the CD comes out, will probably list Mao as vocals.

  8. I hope you translate the full version since it’s out now. :3

  9. absolutely love this song, thanks so much 🙂

  10. Hi, I absolutely love this song!! where can I get it???

  11. MiDniGht_kiTsuNe

    Can I ask that you put the law of ueki and one piece music please?

  12. I simply love that song!Thanks so much. The new series of FMA is great. Satisfying the fans for sure.

  13. the lyrics was cool!!!!! it’s totaly rocks!… i love it!…
    i hope that someday i can create a song just like this….
    which is awesome!

    FMA RULEZ……..

  15. any one know where to find the uso’s guitar keys?

  16. Judged by my song tastes…I’m turning into an otaku. Woo!

  17. Also…is this on iTunes?

    • From what i have seen, only in music box version, which is kind of like , well, winding up a music box and it playing the tune.

  18. i really luv FMA BROTHERHOOD ,especially edxWin

  19. is there somthing about bleach or full metal alchemist

  20. i love the ending it rockz and the beginning theme is so cool i would listen to it all the time fma rulez 🙂

  21. OMIGOSH! i Love FMA! its the best! and now i know the words to the first ending! thx! 😀

  22. The 1st opening and ending are my favorite in all the animes I watched

  23. its very good translation tnqs

  24. Cyndi FMA and brotherhood r #1

    Omg just reading the lyrics makes me cry i just hope that the last episode of brother hood is not as sad as the first (i did watch shamballa so im not so mad about how it ended now) and what is the ending song that sings “let it all out” at the begining of the song i love that song

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