The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya Opening Theme – Ima made no Arasuji

The lyrics reaffirm that the new Haruhi anime has 22 to 26 episodes (two cours).


Rating: 7/10. ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

The Story Up to Now
Vocals: SOS Brigade
Lyrics: Hata Aki
Composition: Kosaki Satoru
Arrangement: Kosaki Satoru

Myah myah myahcology
Mankind mya? Très bie~n!

For example magnets, within the sand
The aliens have their Teatime at their branch department on Earth
It’s inconvenient to be small, send out the big ones
Someone, move Battleship Yamato

It’s a work horse work horse! Drink milk
It’s a carriage work horse! Go to sleep early
It’s a work horse work horse! Adults certainly transform in secret
It’s a stranger! Better to leave him alone
It’s the President! What’s your order?
It’s a uniform! Your letters are odd!

Underworld, underworld, a maid’s souvenir gifts
That’s already a dead ringer for Shangri-la
I built a homemade time machine
I overtook the girl who walks through time
Boredom, boredom, sitting with my knees up
I feel giddy from sniffing the scent of my knees
The time machine only seats one, right?
If you repaint history [~It’s the summary!]

In short, you make things even more complicated by only following your emotions
Will it be over if I say that you’re already like a philosopher? Or you’re a complete idiot

Horse horse hor, deer deer deer?
Shore shore es, reed reed reed!
For being what it is; being being what it is, goosebumps?
Due to love, my head is swimming; due to romance, my heart is twisted
And there’s a cuckoo in the rumbling sky of early summer rain

I don’t need to wind it up, wind it up, wind it up
That’s right, I’ve got wireless LAN, lalalala
Forest, oh forest, after I gathered up acorns in the forest, the insects would stir
The years are overtaking my age
That’s also natural business talk
For the front and back sides, the back is the front and unexpected malice is the lowliest

Myah myah myahcology
Mankind mya? Très bie~n!
Meow meow kittyology
Creatures meow? Mew meow mew me~ow!

I love you more than anything, I love you even when you’re old
I love you. That sounds sick, don’t touch me!
Please love me. Don’t force yourself to say it! Shall we love? Don’t say it tenderly like that!
Let’s love each other. Don’t look at me! Any more? There’s no more!

Solitu, solitu, sorry, sorry, Solitude.
The Records of Three Kingdoms filled with enemies all around
Solitu, solitu, sorry, sorry, Solitude.
I air swim while my lifesaver remains deflated
Solitu, solitu, the underworld is solitude
What if I already went to Shangri-la?
Solitu, solitu, the maid is solitude
Menthol eliminates the stench of feet

The end, the end, we’re just about at the end
We don’t like long lyrics like these
A tiring job that doesn’t match our surety pay
Think of the suffering of the people behind this
It’s different, it’s different, it’s really different
This place is the second dimension; second, di, mension.
Front, front, the front is the front, history is short; there’s still ESP
If you repaint the records [~There are 2 seasons!]

Ima made no Arasuji
Vocals: Esuooesu-dan

Myaa   myaa   myankology de
Jinrui mya?   Tore bia~n!

Tatoeba jishaku   suna no naka ni wa
Uchuujin ga chikyuu shibu nite Teatime
Chicchai to fuben da   okkii no dashite yo
Senkan Yamato dareka ugokashite

Daba daba daa   gyuunyuu nonde
Shaba daba da   hayame ni shuushin
Daba daba daa   otona wa kitto kossori henshin
Kaijin daaa   hottokya ii jan
Soutou daaa   shirei wa naani?
Seifuku daaa   kanji ga hen da!

Meido meido meido no miyage
Sorya mou   Shangri-la no sokkuri-san
Taimu mashin tezukurimashita
Toki o aruku shoujo   oikoshita
Taikutsu taikutsu taiiku suwari de
Hiza no nioi o kagu tousuikan
Taimu mashin hitori-nori desho
Rekishi nurikaetara [~Soushuuhen!]

Kimi wa tsumari kanjouron bakari de koto o sara ni fukuzatsu ni shite oru
Kimi wa sude ni takkansha na no sa to ieba sumu ka kanpeki na baka da

Uma uma u   shika shika shika?
Mau mau ma   kashi kashi kashi!
Sore nari ni   sore nari nari   torihada?
Ai yue ni   atama yurunde   koi yue ni   kokoro yugande
Samidare no   sora mo todoro ni   hototogisu

Maite maite maitara iranai
Musen LAN rararara sou natta
Mori yo mori yo mori no donguri hiroiatsumeta ato mushi waku yo
Toshi wa toshi o oikoshite yuku
Sore mo atarimae no gyoukaidan
Omote ura wa ura ga omote de   igai haragurosa ga saishouchi

Myaa   myaa   myankology de
Jinrui mya?   Tore bia~n!
Nyaa   nyaa   nyankology de
Shourui nya?   Nyu nya nyu nya~n!

Nani yori mo kimi ga suki da   toshiyori mo kimi ga suki da
Aishiteru   kimochi warui ze   sawaru na
Aishi nasai   muchakucha yuu na   aishimashou   yasashiku yuu na
Aishiaou   kocchi o miru na   tsuzuki wa?   Tsuzukanai!

Sorichuu   sorichuu   sorry,sorry,Solitude.
Mawari teki darake de Sangokushi
Sorichuu   sorichuu   sorry,sorry,Solitude.
Ukiwa tsubushita mama ea suiei
Sorichuu   sorichuu   meido wa sorichuudo
Sorya mou   Shangri-la ni icchaeba?
Sorichuu   sorichuu   meido wa sorichuudo
Ashi no nioi keshi wa mensooru

Owari owari sorosoro owari
Konna nagai kashi wa iya da
Gyara ni awanai tsukareru shigoto
Naka no hito no tsurasa kangaete
Chigau chigau honto wa chigau
Koko wa nijigen desu   ni, ji, gen.
Omote   omote   omote ga omote   rekishi asai ne mada chounouryoku
Kiroku nurikaetara [~Tsuu-kuuru!]

14 responses to “The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya Opening Theme – Ima made no Arasuji

  1. lolz the last part is epic XD

    thanks for the translation 😀

  2. This is the strangest song. Ever.

  3. epic song is epic…

  4. Peanutbutter003

    Can you translate the other song? The B-side/ the ED? Thanks.

  5. My brain hurts reading those lyrics >_<. Thanks for the translation, though. I need to look up the full version of the song.

  6. Holy f–(beep). I’ve seen weird songs, but this one surely is a winner. I am now able to safely arrive at the following conclusion: the guys behind Suzumiya Haruhi are. the. craziest. people. ever.

    Perhaps I *should* watch this thing. I’m not a big fan of super deformed, nor of webisodes (audio and video quality sucks, hard to store, expensive like hell when available to buy in a good quality, and so on), but this (and eva@school, which no one bothers to translate but still has episode descriptions in wikipedia — i wonder…) seems to be funny.

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  8. this song is so chaotic, it reeks of epic awesomeness…

    add the lyrics + tranlations = CHAOS ENSUES

  9. How can these people even sing this? My tongue would be ruined in the first part already!

  10. wow…really helpful post, thanks for sharing.

  11. …[listens to song again]…Sasuga da na. Should have expected something this weird from SOSdan. Wow. Props for translating this. And I would give a lot to be able to translate the mutterings in the background. Wow.

  12. Very awesome XD Now if only I knew what they were saying during the talking parts.

  13. viscous nasal goo

    Diz ees pwn OWNAGE! lol

    Love teh song >.<

  14. It would be great to have a translation of kyon and Koizumi lines 😛

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