Sakura-con 2009 Day 3 Report

I woke up around 10am in the morning hearing to MSNBC reporting that the captain from Somalian pirate attack was recovered safely. The hotel maid tried to break into my room twice while I was still in a groggy state. There weren’t any panels that I wanted to attend on Sunday, so I threw on a swimsuit and had my friends crossplay, and we went down to Exhibitors’ Hall to see what loot we can pick up on the final day.

One of my friends’ Haruhi crossplay stole the show. Every few feet someone stopped him for photos, since the cosplay was very well done (complete with a wig and authentic Cospatio hair ribbon and armband) and my friend never shaved. Everyone wanted a piece of him. I really hope those photos will show up online soon.

We ended up spending three hours in the Exhibitors’ Hall sweeping the aisles. Another friend of mine went full-out weeaboo on us and bought tons of Gundam and anime girl figurines. Holy Marconis, he spent hundreds. I only picked up a Naruto trading figure for my brother and got my Haruhi-crossplaying friend to get an Alter 1/8 Hazuki from Moon Phase for just $30. I was going to get the Kotobukiya 1/8 Yuzuhara Konomi for $20, but someone snagged it before I could. At least I still have that GSC 1/8 Hatsune Miku from Day 1…

Then we all piled back into the car for the five-hour drive back home.

All in all, Sakura-con 2009 was the best anime convention that I’ve ever attended. The event was packed with people and action and I truly enjoyed the panels, having friends cosplaying with me, and all those photos taken. It was completely worth the wallet-raping $60 I paid at the door for the con. I hope that photos and/or videos from the Swimsuit Contest will surface at some point, since I still don’t have any. I don’t think I can make it to Sakura-con 2010 though.

I’m going to try to upload my con photos on Sankaku Complex.

5 responses to “Sakura-con 2009 Day 3 Report

  1. Hi! As a long time lurker of your blog, I decided to check for updates and was surprised to see this post since I went to Sakura-con too this year for the first time. XD

    I didn’t see you there (I went on Sunday) but I still think it’s awesome that you went. I’m such a huge fan of your website, and appreciate all the work you put into it. : 3

    PS. Swimsuit contest? Did you also see that guy dressed in a yellow bikini as Hatsune Miku? Lol, most mind scarring moment of the day for me. XD

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  3. HOLY CRAP!!!

    Girl, this is the Haruhi Suzumiya cosplayer from the karaoke contest!! Ah I’ve totally checked out your blog before, I wish I had known at the time that this was you!!

    I don’t update my LJ that much but here’s my ACP profile:

  4. Nice drawings. Do you have a DeviantArt page or something?

  5. My comment was intended under another post… I am kind of lost in you blog… Lotsa pages open and stuff… 😀

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