Sakura-con 2009 Day 2 Report

I had to wake up at 8am this morning to get ready for the Cosplay Contest. I can’t believe that it was held in the morning. Ugh, I totally thought it’d be in the evening. Anyhow, I only had an hour’s sleep beforehand since I spent the previous night working on the costume for the contest. The contest went fine. I saw the usual share of good, bad, and mediocre entries. I ended up not winning anything, but it was great to strut around on stage, spreading Touhou to the masses. I even spliced a Satoko laugh into the audio track. I almost lost my balance and fell over in the high-heeled shoes I wore.

Then there was the Touhou panel.
I’d run into a few people during late Friday and early Saturday who recognized my Remilia cosplay and said that they’re going to the Touhou panel later, but I’d never thought that the panel would be pretty full (though not quite with the same standing-room-only volume as the swimsuit contest). A few other girls cosplaying Touhou (Reimu, Marisa X 2, Suika, Alice, Parsee) and men cosplaying Sakuya showed up, too, so we held an impromptu photoshoot right there in the panel. Oh god, suddenly, cameras, EVERYWHERE. All of us girls groped man-Sakuya’s breasts, too, since they were the only pair we could touch without violating the panel rating.

In the afternoon I went back to the Karaoke Idol contest since I’d made it into the final round. However, I’m not a great singer, so I didn’t win anything at the contest, either. I didn’t like how the little girl won one of her awards because of a bunch of hyperactive girls screaming near the front of the stage who drowned out the rest of the room cheering for other contestants, but god she was adorable.

In the evening I crashed again since I’d only had four hours of sleep total for the past two days, and this time I just slept all the way to 10am the next day.


7 responses to “Sakura-con 2009 Day 2 Report

  1. What ZUN and Rinnosuke get no love.

  2. lol.. we totally took over, ze. I stumbled onto your blog, btw.

  3. Get on AIM sometime or give me a call Tuesday. I want to hear more about the con and have a few things to tell you about for next year.

    Sounds like you had fun, sorry you didn’t win anything. Hope to hear more from you.

    PS: If you didn’t get my message, your boxes are home and safe. I briefly looked through them and it looks like there’s actually quite a few things you’ll probably want shipped to you (or others, I saw the waybills x.x).

  4. Oh wow, I didn’t expect this. I look up “Sakura-con Touhou” after I get home from the long drive home, and this is the first thing I find. Saw your Remilia costume on this day, and it was amazing. Saw you again later at the Touhou Panel along with everyone else. That was quite the photoshoot. Sakura-con should have a section devoted for Touhou pictures, because everyone knows Touhou is amazing like that.

    The Karaoke Idol winner blew my eardrums out at the Closing Ceremonies. I cried.

  5. Great costume. Too bad there wasn’t many Touhou, although there was a few. That photoshoot at the Touhou Project panel was insane lol.

  6. Sakura-con? GIRUGAMESH!

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