Sakura-con 2009 Day 1 Report

That was amazing. Sakura-con 2009 has been great so far. I snapped a bunch of photos of cosplays that I loved and had a handful of people recognize my Nagisa (Clannad) cosplay.

I stayed up all night yesterday trying to create a music track for my Cosplay Contest entry and pick out songs to use for the Karaoke Idol contest. My friends and I made it to the convention center about 15 minutes before registration opened and we were able to beat the crowds and lines. Later I crashed for about three hours in the morning though, because I’d not slept a wink the previous night. Fortunately I didn’t miss much.

I went into the Exhibition Hall and found Goodsmile Company’s 1/8 Hatsune Miku figurine for sale for just $50, so I bought one of her. I’m also thinking of getting a bunch of Code Geass keychains for my friends so that I might get lucky and chance upon a Rolo in the random batch.

I made it into the Karaoke Idol contest. From what I’ve heard (I had to leave early to get to the Cosplay Contest pre-meeting), I made it into the final round.

I also met up with the Sakuya who’d asked me to go as his Remilia, as well as attended the disorganized meetup of the motley crew from /cgl/.

Finally, I decided to enter the Anime Swimsuit Contest on a whim and the coordinator was gracious enough to let me in despite that I didn’t preregister for the event. I put on a traditional Japanese school swimsuit and stuck a big sheet of sticker with “3-B Furukawa” hastily written on it on the chest. I didn’t know that the contest involved a ‘talent’ section, so I ended up singing the dango song as a last ditch resort. Oh god, that room was packed full of…people…and…I laugh and shrieked so much because some of the crowd were so hilarious and wrong simultaneously. In the end, I won Audience’s Choice and Judges’ choice, and walked away with twenty boxes of Pocky. They should last my friends and me for the rest of the convention.

I’ll post photos after I get home.


5 responses to “Sakura-con 2009 Day 1 Report

  1. Good quick thinking with the Dango song!

  2. Did you see the GIRUGAMESH-guy there?

  3. Whoa, sounds like you’re really good!!! Can’t wait to see the pic. Isn’t Audience’s choice and Judges’ choice means the winner?

  4. Sounds like you’re having fun with the convention this weekend.

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