Kara no Kyokai 5th Movie Ending Theme – sprinter

Vocals: Kalafina
Lyrics: Kajiura Yuki
Composition: Kajiura Yuki

I met you
And had a unfulfillable dream
It was an eternity that I overcame in just one second

I’m calling
Wanting to protect you
My outstretched fingers were trembling, yet I embraced you like that

What we can do is simply living on
And continuing to shout, unable to do anything, until we tire out, just those things
Will you be reached? Will I reach?
I smash the sweetness of despair and start sprinting, immediately
To the end of the spiral

I’m calling, if my song struggling in the distance
Can make your cheeks turn toward the sky
Then I won’t be alone…

The bared truth was so packed into such a mechanical heart like mine
That it almost overflowed

I wave my hand at the yesterday that vanishes with the speed of light
Now we kick away time and sprint
Through the endlessly bright desert

I head into the wind, waving a ripped flag
I go down the road without you
For my own sake…
To the end of the spiral…

I want to meet you
You’re beloved to me
I want to meet you
You’re lovely to me

I’m calling, the proof that I was here
Is certainly inside of your eyes even now

I’m calling, defying the closing spiral
We cry and shout and vanish

We’re living
We’re here…

Vocals: Kalafina

Kimi to deai
Kanawanu yume o mita
Sore wa tatta ichibyou de koeru eien

I’m calling kimi o
Mamotte agetakute
Nobashita yubi mo furueteru sono mama   dakishimeta

Bokura ni dekiru koto wa tada, ikite irun da to
Chikara tsukiru made   nasu sube naku sakebitsuzukeru, sore dake nanda
Kimi ni todoku? Boku ga todoku?
Zetsubou no amasa uchikudaite hashiridasun da   ima sugu
Sekai no hate made

I’m calling tooku agaku boku no uta ga
Kimi no hoho o sora ni mukeraretara
Hitori ja nai…

Mukidashi no hontou ga   konna karakuri no kokoro ni mo
Afuredasu hodo tsumatte itan da

Hikari no hayasa de kiete yuku kinou e te o futte
Doko made mo akarui sabaku o
Ima, bokura wa toki o keri hashiru

Kaze ni mukai yabureta hata o furi
Kimi no inai michi o   boku wa boku no tame
Yukun da… …
Sekai no hate made… …

Kimi ni aitai
Kimi ga koishii
Kimi ni aitai
Kimi ga itoshii

I’m calling boku ga koko ni ita akashi wa
Ima mo kitto kimi no hitomi no naka

I’m calling tojiru rasen ni sakaratte
Naite sakende kiete yuku bokura wa

Ikite, irun da
Koko ni, irun da… …


4 responses to “Kara no Kyokai 5th Movie Ending Theme – sprinter

  1. I love this song, it reflects perfectly the main thematic of the movie (if not resumes it). When I listened to it the first time, I fell for it almost instantly, just like ARIA… BTW, when will you translate it (ARIA)? That’s another great song… almost addictive xD Anyways, great trasnlation, keep it up!

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  3. I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Seriously. I love it. The first time I hear it, I could swear that angels were singing around me as well. Awesome awesome awesome!!!

  4. Thanks so much for the translation ❤ I love this song so much, I have it on repeat 🙂 it's my favourite track on the Red Moon album. This song really does give off the feeling of "sprinting" (KOKIA's "Tatta hitotsu no omoi" gives off a similar vibe and was written with the feeling of sprinting in mind).

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