4,000,000 Kiriban Suzumiya Haruhi-chan Giveaway

Warning: I had at least two people submitting exactly 3,000,000 hits for the last kiriban giveaway, so that contest turned into moot. Please, no cheating this time.

This site is now quickly approaching the 4,000,000th hit mark, so I’ll be giving a kiriban gift to the person who gets the 4,000,000 hit. Who will the lucky visitor be?

To get the kiriban gift, it’s simple; just e-mail me or leave a comment with a screenshot of this website while the 4,000,000 hit is displayed near the upper-right side.

The gift will be a Suzumiya Haruhi-chan keychain from the February 2009 issue of Shonen Ace. I’ll also send you a 4,000,000th hit commemorative artwork. You may request anything for the art, but keep in mind that I fail at drawing mecha and if I can’t draw what you requested, I’ll draw whatever strikes my fancy when my pen hits the paper.

I doubt the person who actually gets the 4,000,000th hit would actually have read this entry, so this ‘contest’ is open to anyone who thinks he/she has the closest hit to 4,000,000, e.g. 3,999,982 or 4,000,009. Just send the screenshot of your hit to me and within three days after the 4,000,000th hit mark, I’ll determine who got the closest hit and contact you.

FYI, this site currently receives around 5,300 hits per day.

Good luck!

13 responses to “4,000,000 Kiriban Suzumiya Haruhi-chan Giveaway

  1. I can still remember when you hit the 3,000,000 mark. I have to think that you must be a bit happy that your page has been viewed so many times.

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  3. I just found your site, and it’s amazing. 🙂 I was looking for some Vampire Knight lyrics and this was the first link that came up on Google.

    I have one concern, though. It’s VERY easy to “cheat” and forge a screenshot that shows you with the 4,000,000th hit. I did this in ten minutes.

    Of course I’m not going into details on exactly how I made this screenshot, but I don’t think this contest is a very good idea. :\ Thanks for reading, and again, wonderful site! 🙂

  4. @ Lina:
    Yeah, I know that it’s easy to cheat (dunno how far ‘examining the pixels’ will take me), hence the 3,000,000 kiriban got thrown out. This time if I get duplicates 4,000,000s or any other number I will automatically throw them out and award the next unique hit winner.

  5. All right, good luck. I wouldn’t put too much faith into zooming in on pixels if I were you, though. ❤

  6. Did I win? o,o

    Greetings from México! (:

  7. Well, it’s worth a try lol..
    strg druck won’t work with vista so I had to use some strange tool called ‘snipping tool’.. leaving behind awesome red borders lawl

  8. When I check this post for the first time, your blog has about 3,997,000 hits, and now, it’s about 4,007,000 hits. That means I’m failed then.

  9. Sorry, I mean 4,005,267, not 4,007,000

  10. Aurora beats me but I thought I’d show the closest I got before and after 😛 Of course the 4,000,000 mark had to be reached when I was asleep XD

  11. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  12. lol 4 million hits is crazy >_<

  13. LOL!!! 4million but now 5million LOL!! nver seen that Much mark!!
    crazy already…..

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