Black★Rock Shooter Opening Theme – Black★Rock Shooter

Art turned song turned PV turned figurine turned OVA turned anime. What an evolution for the original concept.

Black★Rock Shooter
Vocals: Hatsune Miku
Lyrics: ryo
Composition: ryo
Arrangement: ryo

Black Rock Shooter, where did you go?
Can you hear me?

Just how much more do I need to shout?
Just how much more do I need to cry?
Stop it already, I can’t run anymore
The world I once dreamed of closes up

On this pitch-black and unlit road that started to crumble
I felt like I could see the hope from back when it shouldn’t have existed


Black Rock Shooter, they were nostalgic memories
simply of those fun times
Black Rock Shooter, but I can’t move
I wish upon the star shooting through the darkness, because I’ll run just once more

I’m scared, so I whisper with a trembling voice, “Call my name”
Dawn envelops the sky, and at my distance from the boundary, I can’t reach it in another step

Tears that I fought back threaten to spill over; now I come to a halt without looking down
Recalling that I know I want to live in the future
I firmly, firmly believe in it

That’s right

Black Rock Shooter, there’s a tender scent
It hurts, it’s tough; I swallow those words
Black Rock Shooter, move these feet!
Overcome the world

Since the beginning, I’d known I’m here
All of the courage inside of me light the fire

And I won’t flee anymore

Black Rock Shooter, you’re not alone
I don’t mind even if you cry with a loud voice

Black Rock Shooter, you’ll be watching me
My story will start from now

When you’re about to forget it, I’ll sing
this song

Burakku★Rokku Shuutaa
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

Burakku Rokku Shuutaa   doko e itta no?
Kikoemasu ka?

Ato dore dake sakeba ii no darou
Ato dore dake nakeba ii no darou
Mou yamete   watashi wa mou hashirenai
Itsuka yumemita sekai ga tojiru

Makkura de akari mo nai   kuzurekaketa kono michi de
Aru hazu mo nai ano toki no kibou ga mieta ki ga shita


Burakku Rokku Shuutaa   natsukashii kioku
Tada tanoshikatta ano koro o
Burakku Rokku Shuutaa   demo ugokenai yo
Yami o kakeru hoshi ni negai o   mou ichido dake hashiru kara

Kowakute furueru koe de tsubuyaku   watashi no namae o yonde
Yoake o idaku sora   kyoukaisen made no kyori   ato mou ippo todokanai

Koraeta namida ga afuresou na no   ima shita o mukanaide   tomatte shimau
Mirai o ikite itain da   wakatta no   omoidashite
Tsuyoku   tsuyoku   shinjiru no

Sou yo

Burakku Rokku Shuutaa   yasashii nioi
Itai yo   tsurai yo   nomikomu kotoba
Burakku Rokku Shuutaa   ugoite kono ashi!
Sekai o koete

Saisho kara wakatte ita   koko ni iru koto o
Watashi no naka no   subete no yuuki ga   hi o tomoshite

Mou nigenai yo

Burakku Rokku Shuutaa   hitori ja nai yo
Koe o agete naitatte kamawanai

Burakku Rokku Shuutaa   mite ite kureru
Ima kara hajimaru no   watashi no monogatari

Wasuresou ni nattara   kono uta o
Utau no

13 responses to “Black★Rock Shooter Opening Theme – Black★Rock Shooter

  1. I like Black Rock shooter
    her song is very good and she is very pretty.

  2. Thanks for the lyrics^^

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  4. karin_alois_trancy

    it’s good!!!!!

    ♥ it

  5. The lyrics are not right. They’re close but the wording it a little different to the song I have. But I love this song and would love to have the right lyrics. ^^

  6. I love this song, but too bad black rock shooter isnt an a official Vocaloid character. Darn. Im not sure if the translation is correct but i probably couldnt do better

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  8. Hey the author of this song is miku hatasute (not sure boiut last name). She is a vocaloid

  9. Oh thanks! I like BRS >w<

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  11. I love Black★rock shooter!!

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