CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ Insert Song – Shoujo no Gensou

Despite a credited lyricist, the CD with the song Shoujo no Gensou did not come with lyrics. The below lyrics were transcribed aurally by fans.

The Girl’s Fantasy
Vocals: riya
Lyrics: Key
Composition: Togoshi Magome
Arrangement: Takumaru

Flying bird dances
Flying bird lands
On the ancient road

Hanging on the wind
Scented in the wind
An imaginary sky

My mind dwells on the day when you vanished

Slashing the scene apart
Reflecting the scene
An imaginary sky
On the day when you vanished soundlessly

Picking you up, spring sings
Listen, bubbles

Shoujo no Gensou
Vocals: riya

Hichou ga maite
Hichou ga oriru
Isoshie no michi ni

Kaze ni kakari
Kaze ni kaoru
Kakuu no sora

Omoihase anata ga kieru hi

Fuukou saite
Fuukou utsuru
Kakuu no sora
Oto mo naku anata ga kieru hi

Anata nose haru wa utau
Kikishi   utakata


4 responses to “CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ Insert Song – Shoujo no Gensou

  1. What CD is this found on?

  2. which of the ost cds is this song from?

  3. It’s from the album Sorarado (KLSA-0009). First track on the CD. Also notable in the CD is track 2, “Over”, which is the song played during the tennis match between Tomoyo and one of the members of the tennis club.

  4. Thought you’d be interested in this great cover of the song A girls Fantasy on youtube. It captures the song very very well using segments from the anime!

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