Vocaloid Original Song – Kokoro

This is possibly the saddest song and PV that I’ve seen. I was bawling. Please take a look at the original on NicoNico Douga or a port on YouTube.

Vocals: Kagamine Rin
Lyrics: travoltaP
Composition: travoltaP

A robot created by a lonely scientist
If you speak of his work, it’s a “miracle”

But it was still incomplete; there was one thing that he didn’t make
It was the program called a [heart]

Centuries passed
And left behind all alone
The miraculous robot wishes

I want to learn about the [heart]
That person
Was building for me
To the end of his life

Now the quickening miracle started moving
Somehow, my tears won’t stop…
Why am I trembling? My pulse quickens
Is this the [heart] that I wished for?

A strange heart, a heart so strange
I learned about being in joy
A strange heart, a heart so strange
I learned about grieving
A strange heart, a heart so infinite
It’s so deeply painful…

Now I’ve started to realize the reason why I was born
I’m sure that being on his own was lonely
That’s right, that day, that moment-
The [heart] that dwells in all memories overflows

Now I can speak words of truth
I offer them to you

Thank you… For bringing me into this world
Thank you… For the days that we were able to spend together
Thank you… For everything that you gave me
Thank you… I’ll sing forever

It was exactly a Miracle.
The robot that obtained “Kokoro” kept singing.
She sang all of her feelings.

But the miracle lasted only a moment.

The “Kokoro” was far too big for her.
Unable to withstand that weight,
the machine shorted,
and was never to move again.

However, her face was filled with smiles,
she looked like an angel.

Vocals: Kagamine Rin

Kodoku na kagakusha ni tsukurareta robotto
Dekibae o iu nara “kiseki”

Dakedo mada tarinai   hitotsu dake dekinai
Sore wa [kokoro] to iu puroguramu

Ikuhyakutoshi ga sugi
Hitori de nokosareta
Kiseki no robotto wa negau

Shiritai   ano hito ga
Inochi no   owari made
Watashi ni   tsukutteta

Ima   ugokihajimeta   kasokusuru kiseki
Nazeka   namida ga   tomaranai…
Naze   watashi   furueru?   Kasokusuru kodou
Kore ga watashi no nozonda [kokoro]?

Fushigi   kokoro   kokoro   fushigi
Watashi wa shitta   yorokobu koto o
Fushigi   kokoro   kokoro   fushigi
Watashi wa shitta   kanashimu koto o
Fushigi   kokoro   kokoro   mugen
Nante fukaku setsunai…

Ima   kizukihajimeta   umareta riyuu o
Kitto hitori wa sabishii
Sou, ano hi, ano toki
Subete no kioku ni yadoru [kokoro] ga afuredasu

Ima   ieru   hontou no kotoba
Sasageru   anata ni

Arigatou…   Kono yo ni watashi o unde kurete
Arigatou…   Issho ni sugoseta hibi o
Arigatou…   Anata ga watashi ni kureta subete
Arigatou…   Eien ni utau


17 responses to “Vocaloid Original Song – Kokoro

  1. Ahh, my favourite Vocaloid song ever, such a sad one indeed. By any chance would you be doing translations of the other versions of Kokoro, like Len’s version or the one with Rin and Len’s versions mixed together?

  2. I’m not a fan of Kagamine Rin, but I love the song’s lyrics and the melody is cool, too. The last part about the robot’s fate had me in tears.

  3. Ah, thank you forever♥. Your translations are my favorite ones as usual. I don’t like when people take artistic liberties and such, so I love your work.

    Take care!

  4. Is there a karaoke for Kokoro? 😮

  5. This song is so saddening.. Any chance you are going to add the lyrics for Len’s rendition of the song?

  6. I just spent a whole morning listening to this and I CANT STOP CRYING!!! Darn it!!!

    But yeah its a good song.

  7. I love this song.

  8. after first encounter of this song in Project Diva 2nd, I really like this song.

    And with translation, now I could understand more the true meaning of this song. Surely a sad song.

  9. Deep song Dx

  10. kagaminesforever

    I love vocaloid so much its the only thing i listen too.
    i love the kagamines too.
    adn i love this song but its so sad.
    if you listen to it at a slow tempo, its even sadder

  11. OMG cry my eyes out! My favorite song!

  12. Its so funny, i heard this song a year ago, and listen to it all the time, and now, looking at the lyrics for the first time, i can sing it fluently!

  13. This was also the very first vocaloid song that i ever heard, at the age of 10.

  14. the soong of the heart,
    this song is make me cry than any song i ever heard….

  15. Same, exept for regret message, also by rin. ❤

  16. This song is perfection. This song is wisdom. Every time I hear it, MY tears won’t stop. 😥

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