Geass Trivia from Kimura [Animage Jan. ’09]

In Jan. ’09 issue of Animage, there’s a short segment from Kimura (character designer) about random Code Geass R2 stuff.

Number of eyes
– Lelouch’s emperor outfit, including the cape and hat, has a total of 12 eye-jewel things.
– Suzaku’s Knight of Zero outfit, including gloves, has a total of 17 eye-jewel things, so Suzaku wins…
– However, if you add the eye-jewels (6) on Lelouch’s fugly sword, Lelouch has a grand total of 18 eye-jewels, so he wins after all (?).

Knight of Zero hood
– What it should look like when worn. See photo. Friggin’ adorable. Why didn’t this ever make it into the show?

Official R2 girls’ bust size comparison
– Very straightforward. No actual measurements though. Note the double ‘>>’ at one point. XD
– It’s actually an updated chart from the one given for all girls from season 1, also published by Kimura/Animage about a year ago.

Meeya > Guinevere > Nonette > Cornelia = Marianne > Dorothea = Milly = Lohmeyer > Chiba > Kallen = Futaba > Xianglin = Euphy > Cécile = Villetta > Rakshata > Shirley = Monica > C.C. = Sayoko >> Nina > Carline > Nunnally > Anya = Kaguya > Tianzi

Elsewhere in the magazine, Kimura drew a picture of Monica in her pilot suit. Apparently she wears thong-like panties underneath the suit.


3 responses to “Geass Trivia from Kimura [Animage Jan. ’09]

  1. Lol at the double ‘>>’. Pure genius. And welcome back!

  2. Wow, great tidbits there. (^o^)

  3. The link to the R1 bust comparison chart doesn’t work.

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