ef – a tales of melodies. 2nd Opening Theme – ebullient future (Japanese)

I tried very hard to incorporate words from the English version of the song into the translation, but ebullient future‘s Japanese lyrics share very little vocabulary with the English version, in comparison to euphoric field.

ebullient future (Japanese)
Vocals: ELISA
Lyrics: nbkz Sakai
Composition: TENMON
Arrangement: TENMON

Fulfilling a single wish for eternity
Embracing the future to my chest another day

Across the darkness, your voice is fading away
I reached out my arms, but I couldn’t reach you, so I chase after a shadow

Even if the world that has started running scars our hearts
Please don’t shake me free from your hand that I grip onto

Your wings can powerfully fly anywhere
Find me, for I hid in my mind

It’s just that even if I want to tell you and call at
Your back that flickers deep in my eyes, nothing happens

Because even if my frozen heartbeat breaks apart my body
I still believe in your unclouded smile

Hold close the hope that you drew on that day
When you turn the sound of sorrow into courage

Echo endlessly to the sky, my melody
It won’t forget about the overflowing tears

ebullient future (Japanese)
Vocals: ELISA

Towa ni hitotsu no negai kanaete
Itsuka mirai o mune ni dakishimete

Yami no mukou ni kieru anata no koe
Ude nobashita kedo todokanai kage oikake

Hashiridasu sekai ga kokoro kizutsukete mo
Nigiru sono te o hanasanaide ite

Doko made mo tsuyoku habatakeru sono tsubasa
Omoi ni kakushita watashi o mitsukete

Hitomi no oku de yureru sono senaka ni
Tada tsutaetakute sakende mo nani mo nakute

Itetsuita kodou ga karada kirisaite mo
Sunda egao o shinjite iru kara

Ano hi ni egaita sono kibou daite
Kanashimi no oto o yuuki ni kaereba

Hateshinaku sora e narhibike kono merodi
Afureru namida o wasure wa shinai wa

3 responses to “ef – a tales of melodies. 2nd Opening Theme – ebullient future (Japanese)

  1. Is this the full version?

  2. You should submit this translation here: http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/efmelo/ebullientfuturejp.htm

    It would be a great addition to the site (provided that it is correct, which I have no reason to doubt).

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