ef – a tale of melodies. 1st Opening Theme – ebullient future (English)

Another all-English anime song.
From the opening video, it looks like the lyrics are in German too? Does anyone know where the German text in the opening sequence of the anime is from?

ebullient future (English)
Vocals: ELISA
Lyrics: Sakai Nobukazu
Text arrangement: Nishida Emi
Composition: Tenmon
Arrangement: Tenmon

Love, I’ve got to feel it
If you put your trust in me
I know what my life would be
Oh, you are all I ever need

I try to hear what you say
So I pray
But you’re fading away
Don’t go and break my fragile heart
We won’t fall apart
‘Cause you’re my only star

I wonder why my tears come at night
Calling you, so like a little child
All the things you have in mind
I wish I could see your insides

I feel alone and empty
You’re far, that’s why I can’t bear to be
Move on, but it’s not that easy
Oh, don’t you know I still believe

No one can stand in your way
Here I stay
There’ll be another day
Won’t cry and get rid of scars
Always in my heart
Gotta find a way to start

How am I supposed to know what’s right
Missing you, and I do lose my mind
Just wanna be by your side
I will wait for your love and smile

I’ve been thinking of you, my dream…
Every time I take a breath, feel brand new
Open up your heart with my key
Oh, can’t you hear my heartbeat

My love, you’ve got to feel it
And if we put our trust in you and me
You know what our lives would be
Oh, you are the one I believe

16 responses to “ef – a tale of melodies. 1st Opening Theme – ebullient future (English)

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  2. Such a beautiful song! I can’t wait for a full version. I wonder if there will be a Japanese ver. of this song too. : D

  3. Hey, just a comment not meant to be rude but songs with engrish don’t seem your strong suite. All your Japanese songs are awesome, here is a more correct translatieration of the engrish in this song (remember engrish doesn’t haveta haave correct tenses haha):


  4. @ Corey Maddox:
    Hehe, none taken. 😛

  5. Nyo! Is the German text in the background really the text of the other song? I mean… the first sentence in the video is
    “Erinnerungen, die wiedererwachen
    In dieser Brust verschlossen” First it´s not correct it would have to be “wieder erwachen”
    That means: Memories, which reawake barred in my chest (sry, I´m just 13 so I don´t know the right words xD Like I said, I´m German xD) So it can´t be true XD Your translation for the first senteces of Yuukyuu no Tsubasa (Eternal Feather) is ´There was a distant sky on the other side of the window
    I was watching the unreachable clouds´
    O.O You see?

  6. @ Mii:
    I have no clue; Chiisai put up these lyrics originally. I can’t read German either.

  7. “I fee alone and empty”
    Just pointing out that it’s “feel”…:D
    Excellent song!

  8. well about the German text in the OP. as far as I get the German Its seems that its the lyrics of the eternal Feather translated into German. (atleast on of them).
    the others maybe (I’m not sure I don’t have emotional flutter and ever forever translated in english so I can compare) but most probably they are the lyrics of all four ef songs translated in German (for some style etc).
    anyway I will get an english/german reader to help with that case 😀

  9. “Der ferne Himmel jenseits des Fensters Die unerreichbaren Wolken beobachtetend” well it’s the 2nd line and here we go for your translated part “Holding the reviving memories
    To my chest” i guess the order’s kinda different but it still seems to be eternal feather maybe an extendes version or whatever but not an entirely different song maybe we’ll get a german version instead of a 08 remix this time…. just thinking about it gives me some cold shivers

  10. She sings this kind of awkwardly… but it’s Engrish, so meh =P

  11. This is what I got from the first 4 lines of the German text:

    Memories, which against-awake
    In this chest locked

    The far sky beyond the window
    The unattainable clouds observe-end

    And that’s it… =(

  12. Lovely song :]

  13. There’s not really that much of a mystery to the german words. They’re the song-lyrics for the two openings from the visual novels, translated into german. Meaning, the ones that aren’t from Eternal Feather, are from Emotional Flutter.

  14. “Erinnerungen, die wiedererwachen
    In dieser Brust verschlossen”

    Mii, don’t talk shit please. This is absolutely correct German. There aren’t any mistakes in this sentences! 😉


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    my homepage deal in LRC file. (my homepage is not commercial site)

  16. Alice Ricchan Känägicçhan


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