Code Geass R2 Scan from Newtype November 2008

The Code Geass spread from the November 2008 issue of Newtype caught my eye, specifically this one:

Link to scan on Moe Imouto, credits to the user. I’ll try to get my own scan up sometime soon.

The text reads:

September 28th, ’08. The story of “Code Geass”, spanning roughly two years—Lelouch’s rebellion met its finale.
Lelouch, who plotted rebellion against his first love, friends, father, mother, and God, offered his own life to become a tyrant emperor.
The mask of Zero that Lelouch wore was succeeded by his one and only friend, Suzaku, for him to become the world’s savior.
His father yearned for the “past”, his brother insisted on “today”. However, Lelouch wished for “tomorrow”.
Believing in not the past or today, but the “tomorrow” that has yet to be seen.
Now that everything is over, has Lelouch fallen into deep slumber? In eternal rest that the ageless and immortal witch watches over.
From the present to the future. From an instant to perpetuity. Will the story be passed down?

The Resting Place of the Rebellion

The tyrant emperor Lelouch gained F.L.E.I.J.A. and ruled the world. When the hatred and anger all over the world were focused on him, he played his final hand. It was the Zero Requiem. In a parade, just like a year ago, Zero, the masked man, appeared in front of the masses. Then he thrust a sword through Lelouch. The tyrant emperor fell and Zero became a hero again. Those who knew Lelouch and Zero’s thoughts shed tears and those who were ignorant cheered. The world is aiming for tomorrow. That was Lelouch’s final wish.

Yep, rest in peace, Lelouch-kun…


9 responses to “Code Geass R2 Scan from Newtype November 2008

  1. Yes, rest in peace Lelouch vi Britannia…

  2. I think sunrise has finally realized how large amount of fanbase is still in denial. But I bet /a/ can pick some parts of that and speculate it to sound like he’s still alive.

  3. And they would be smart to do that..

  4. P.S (sorry for the double)
    I should have added that it’s not as if the text confirms anything either way. In fact it even leaves the question about his faith out there.
    Just where does anyone read confirmation of is death?

  5. ¡All HAIL Lelouch!

  6. i hope they reveal all the ‘unkown’ secrets (eg CC’s real name) in a book or somtin, cuz im dyin(<–little too powerful dont u think..?) to know th answers; and yes, Rest In Peace, Lelouch, rest in peace…

  7. ALL HAIL LELOUCH! Rest in peace Lelouch.

  8. I don’t really think lulu died…cuz i mean what kind of ending did they give CC? So she’s just giong to roam the earth forever now? lelouch was like her only chance of being set free…so like honestly i dont see how the story still fits together if lelouch actually did just leave her like that

  9. His first love…. Suzaku??

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