Umineko no Naku Koro ni Game Opening Theme – Umineko no Naku Koro ni

This is the opening theme to the third story within the When They Cry series (first was Higurashi, second was Higurashi Kai). The game Umineko no Naku Koro ni – Chapter 1: Legend of the Golden Witch, released during Comiket 72, is the first in what is hopefully another epic story of a resetting universe and killer lolis.

If anyone knows Italian and can do a better job of translating the Italian parts of the song, please do. I don’t know the language at all.

When Seagulls Cry
Vocals: Shikata Akiko
Lyrics: Mitose Noriko
Composition: Shikata Akiko
Arrangement: Shikata Akiko

The wind becomes a storm
And infuriates the waves
The sea roars and awakens the Witch who has lived for a millennium

I have long awaited for this day!
I have long feared this day!
Who will fate celebrate?

Oh Witch! Oh Witch!
What will you announce?

To the moon that crosses through the night, the tide floods high
And the cry of seagulls beckons the turbulent clouds

The golden curse, the left behind words
And the secretive smile are blot red

With closed eyes, what are you yearning for?
Even if you tried to collect your broken pieces
I pull from your fingers that I touched; I can’t reach you
If there’s no love, we can’t see the glossed truths and falsehoods

Beatrice! Cruel Witch!
Your beauty is unmatched
Beatrice! Oh! Your kindness is capricious
I can never be freed from your spell
If this pain must endure, then at least have mercy on me for just once

In the dancing wings of butterflies, dreams and reality come and go
The sound of the rain that won’t stop falling hides the truths and lies

The opened banquet, the chosen sheep
And the intertwining hatred fill the cup

In an imprisoned world, what are you searching for?
Even if you’re wishing for a miracle of being able to forgive one another
My voice is scooped out by the wind and it doesn’t reach you
If there’s no love, the repeating loneliness won’t disappear

The joy and sorrow return after they pull close
Let’s drift to the dark midnight’s sea
Tears and scars, everything mixes together
And you, of pretense, fall into the darkness

The noise of the waves. The voice of the sea is like a song
Listening to them seems to purge my committed sins
The noise of the waves gently rocks my cradle
I serenely fall asleep and have happy dreams

With closed eyes, what are you yearning for?
Even if you tried to collect your broken pieces
I pull from your fingers that I touched; I can’t reach you
If there’s no love, we can’t see the glossed truths and falsehoods

What do your closed eyes see?
While you collect scattered pieces
I drop from your touching fingers
Without us being able to unite completely
The appearances are fake and disguised
Without love, we can’t see anything

Without love, the truth cannot be seen

Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Vocals: Shikata Akiko

Il vento diviene bufera
Infuriano i marosi
Il mare chiama mugghiando la Maga che ha vissuto mille anni

Ho tanto atteso questo giorno!
Ho tanto temuto questo giorno!
Il destino, chi festeggerà?

Oh Maga! Oh Maga!
Che cosa mi annuncerai?

Yo o watari yuku tsuki ni   shio wa takaku michite
Umineko no naku koe wa   fuon no kumo o maneku

Konjiki no noroi to   nokosareshi kotoba to
Himeyaka na hohoemi wa   kurenai ni nijimu

Tozasareta hitomi de   nani o motometeru
Kowareta sono kakera o   atsumete mite mo
Fureta yubi o koboreru   kimi ni todokanai
Kazarareta kyojitsu   ai ga nakereba mienai

Beatrice! Maga crudele!
Di bellezza senza pari
Beatrice! Oh! Di dolcezza capricciosa
Mai potrò liberarmi dal tuo incantesimo
Se questa pena deve durare, almeno una volta abbi pietà

Maiodoru chou no tsubasa   yume to utsutsu yukikai
Furiyamanu amaoto wa   makoto mo uso mo kakusu

Hirakareshi utage to   erabareshi hitsuji to
Karamiau nikushimi ga   sakazugi o mitasu

Torawareta sekai de   nani o sagashiteru
Yurushiaeru kiseki o   negatte ite mo
Koe wa kaze ni saraware   kimi ni todokanai
Kurikaesu kodoku   ai ga nakereba kienai

Yosete wa kaesu   yorokobi   kanashimi
Kurai yahan no umi e   nagasou
Namida mo kizuato mo   subete ga majiriai
Itsuwari no kimi wa   yami no naka e

Rumore di onde. La voce del mare come un canto
Ascoltando sembra purificarsi la colpa commessa
Mi culla dolcemente il rumore delle onde
Sereno mi addormento e ho sogni felici

Tozasareta hitomi de   nani o motometeru
Kowareta sono kakera o   atsumete mite mo
Fureta yubi o koboreru   kimi ni todokanai
Kazarareta kyojitsu   ai ga nakereba mienai

Cosa vedranno quegli occhi chiusi
Pur raccogliendo i frammenti sparsi
Cola dalle dita che si toccano
Senza potersi unire fino in fondo
False apparenze dissimulate
Senza amore, non si vede niente

Senza amore, la verità non si vede


32 responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni Game Opening Theme – Umineko no Naku Koro ni

  1. Sounds very Higurashi-esque (the music), yet also it does not. Maybe we’ll get lucky in a few years and have an Umineko anime ;o

  2. I’m counting on an Umineko anime, too. Seeing as how the game got sold out in 30 minutes at Comiket 72 and it already has a manga adaptation, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Umineko the anime gets announced in a year or so (or however long it takes for an anime adaptation…).

  3. Yeah I heard about it selling out as well… it’s amazing o_o If we can’t get an Umineko anime I’d be fine with some sort of localization of the game… be it legal or illegal 😦

  4. Sounds kind of like a Ar Tornelico song, very nice, thanks for the lyrics 🙂

  5. @ kashichan: Judging how Shikata Akiko did songs for Ar Tonelico too, I’m not surprised that someone would say that so soon. ^^

  6. I think the lyric actually is “Fureta yubi wo todomeru”

  7. Do you a full version of the song? i can’t finde a full mp3

  8. Have* I miss that word xD

  9. @ Daniel Ros Full version hasn’t come out yet. It comes out around August.

    An anime was just announced on July 18 and might come around summer, or sometime this year. I wonder if that means this opening might be used in the anime as well. =3

  10. OH MY! full version ❤ ty atashi!

  11. By the way, for those who may not know already, the anime Adaptation is already in production. Daisuke Ono will be the seiyuu for Battler and Marina Inoue as Jessica. Though it’s not the same studio who’s doing this one so I’m hesitant to be all excited for it.

  12. The full version of this song is even more amazing than the game size version. The whole single is amazing, as well.

  13. The anime for Umineko is slated to be released in 2009, hopefully. I love the ‘when they cry’ series! *Even though after watching Higurashi I had nightmares for nights on end.)

  14. @Daniel Roa

    Here’s a link for where you can get mp3s for that whole single:

    Enjoy; the song’s amazing. 😀

  15. Awesome song. Also, it’s actually “Maiodoru chou no hane.”

  16. Can you do translate 金色の嘲笑 ~麗しの晩餐~ too?

  17. I’m italian; your translation is very well done. Still, about the last words “Senza amore la verità non si vede” means “Without love, truth can’t be seen”.
    Arigatou for the lyric!

  18. it is really a great song!!!^w^

  19. The style of the song is reminiscent of an old Irish folk song, and the beat of the song (to me, at least) sounds like stormy waves crashing against giant cliff-side rocks.

    I love it <3!

  20. Or maybe not exactly an Irish folk song…
    but it’s still cool!

  21. Hmm, allow me to sing this song for you.

  22. I love how they incorporate Italian into this (I THINK it’s Italian), as a kind of wave to Beatrice’s name and the origin of it~

  23. Do you mean Latin?
    As in the language the Romans used (and the root base for all European languages)

    Or are you completely confused and you mean Greek?
    Because Lambda and Delta are Greek.

  24. i think this song is in latin….

    I am having hard time to follow the song…. the latin song is so… fast…

  25. It’s italian, latin is a little bit different.

  26. 1000 thanks!!! milioni di grazie!!!

    I’m searching this lyric because i want translate the choruses written in italian!!!

    Tokoro has right, is italian; Italian and Spanish are languages derived from Latin.

    Again… thank you!!!

  27. French, Portuguese and English are also languages derived from Latin, so you’ll forgive me if I’m a little bit confused.

  28. Sorry to bother you over one word but it’s been buggng me for quite some time already.

    In your lyrics you translated kurenai as red. Someone pointed out to me that it would be more suitable as crimson. I also feel the same but the kanji for it ,紅, can also mean red if read as akai. So I was wondering is it because of how it was used in the sentence that you translated it as red?

    If it is can you please explain to me why it’s like that because I’m very confused lol >_<

  29. Umineko’s great ^^

  30. Thanks! I’ve been looking for this!

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