3,000,000 Kiriban Code Geass Giveaway

Wow, this site is quickly approaching the 3,000,000 hits mark, so I’ll be giving a kiriban gift to the person who gets the 3,000,000 hit. Who the lucky visitor will be?

To get the kiriban gift, it’s simple; just e-mail me or leave a comment with a screenshot of this website while the 3,000,000 hit is displayed near the upper-right side.

The gift will be your choice of a Kallen or Villetta mini-figurine keychain from CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 13 Constellations Chara Fortune set. I’ll also send you a high-res version of the 3,000,000th hit commemorative artwork. You may request anything for the art, but keep in mind that I fail at drawing mecha and if I can’t draw what you requested, I’ll draw something Code Geass-related.

…I doubt the person who actually gets the 3,000,000th hit would actually have read this entry, so this ‘contest’ is open to anyone who thinks he/she has the closest hit to 3,000,000, e.g. 2,999,982 or 3,000,009. Just send the screenshot of your hit to me and within three days after the 3,000,000th hit mark, I’ll determine who got the closest hit. I’ll e-mail you and ask if you want Kallen or Villetta and for your mailing address.

FYI, this site currently receives around 6,000 hits per day.

Good luck!

4 responses to “3,000,000 Kiriban Code Geass Giveaway

  1. Heh, I was browsing the Ouran section today and saw the 10k hits post. You sure have come a long way in just a little under two years. 🙂 Thanks for all your lyrics.

  2. Really? Wow. I didn’t think this site would go anywhere when I first started it; I thought it’d just flop after two months. ^^;;

  3. Probably not that close to 3,000,000 but I can try.

  4. Ohh it seems that 3 million user dont appear

    Well I’m a little fan of your page, I entered here for google search but now I know this page is one of my indispensables


    T will come for new higurashi and vampire knight songs soon

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