C.C. Flies Around Nude

Kallen has given us plenty of bunny girl goodness for R2, but she’s got nothing on C.C….yet. I noticed this in episode 1 last week, but I didn’t bother taking a screen shot until episode 2 this week. The original shows an inverted colored C.C., which makes the nudity barely noticeable. Invert the colors and you get this:

Is this what Lelouch gets to see in his mind?

Anyways, great stuff for an evening show. Here’s hoping for more surprises from the Code Geass R2 crew!

11 responses to “C.C. Flies Around Nude

  1. LELOUCH NO KOKORO, UN-LOCK?! (i could run away w/ this joke, but won’t, for the sake of my sanity and everyone else’s.)

    R2 is definitely great so far, it’s like one unsolved mystery after another. not to mention the funny screenshot possibilities are ENDLESS.

    also Bunny Girl Kallen is nothing, i’m sure she’s already been naked like twice in the first season. granted, we didn’t get a show like C.C.’s got going on there, but it was something.

    anyway yes – good stuff, good stuff. you should make more posts like this, it’s not quite anime blogging, but the little observations like this are hilarious. :]

  2. Oh my, never noticed that. Yet another thing that will be censored once R2 makes it to Adult Swim.

  3. Wow…I’m a mix between laughter and shock. Something tells me that it won’t even make to adult swim..

  4. Well, two gets you five that this OP will be redrawn shortly, minus the semi-tasteful nudity. Nice to see that immortal witches can be drawn with… certain things too. I guess.

  5. Yay! Another C.C. fan!

    “Is this what Lelouch gets to see in his mind?”

    Another reason why he’s so damn lucky.

  6. well actually it’s not really part of the OP but the summary of the last ep

  7. Nice catch, I noticed that too when watching it.

    But seriously, what the heck is wrong is americanized tv? I mean I don’t have a TV or anything, since I always just watch anime on the computer so I didn’t bother buying a TV. But what’s with American censoring and all editing of the original film?

  8. Because there’s a bunch of parents that bitch about their kids not being mature to see certain things so that’s why we got the ESRB system and that’s why it ruins it for kids and adults that are mature to see that kind of stuff.

  9. “Is this what Lelouch gets to see in his mind?”
    Maybe he sees it LIVE XD
    Remember he took off her clothes when they were in that cave in S1… As far as we know, he got to see EVERYTHING… Just like he told Mao ‘I have conquered parts of CC you’ve never so much as seen…’

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