Spice and Wolf Opening Theme – Tabi no Tochuu

En Route on the Journey
Vocals: Kiyoura Natsumi
Lyrics: Komine Koko
Composition: Kira Tomohiko
Arrangement: Kira Tomohiko

Within the journey
Where I grew lost all alone
Only my heart wandered and stood still
But now I can
Walk very far
That’s right, after I met you
On this road

Unknown songs
That travelers sing-
They sound familiar to me
If I’m just with you

If the world that I dreamed of
Exists somewhere
Then shall we go search for it?
To the other side of the wind
Let’s go see the end of the
Freezing daybreaks
Parched middays
And shivering dark nights

Your eyes
Know of loneliness
Because they’re dazzling
And reflect that color

I fly high to the sky
And become the crescent moon
The mint-colored stars are surely
The fragments of tears

The harbor of the eastern country, the western seaside
In the dark forest, the southern city, a golden tower
The northern hill, the same moon that swayed in the water

If it’s okay for me to hold
Your outstretched hand
Then where shall we go?
Together with you
We can go anywhere
Let’s go embrace
The commotion and aroma
Of the world still unseen

Tabi no Tochuu
Vocals: Kiyoura Natsumi

Tada hitori
Mayoikomu tabi no naka de
Kokoro dake samayotte tachitsukushita
Demo ima wa   tooku made
Sou kimi to   kono michi de
Deatte kara

Tabibito-tachi ga utau
Mishiranu uta mo
Natsukashiku kikoete kuru yo
Tada kimi to iru to

Yumemita sekai ga
Dokoka ni   aru nara
Sagashi ni   yukou ka
Kaze no mukou e
Itetsuku yoake no
Kawaita mahiru no
Furueru yamiyo no
Hate o mi ni yukou

Sabishisa o shitte iru
Kimi no hitomi
Mabataite   sono iro o
Utsusu kara

Takaku sora made tonde
Mikkazuki ni naru
Hakka-iro no hoshi wa kitto
Namida no kakera

Higashi no kuni no minato   nishi no umibe
Kurai mori de   minami no machi   kin no tou
Kita no oka   mizu ni yureteta onaji tsuki ga

Sashidasu sono te o
Tsunaide ii nara
Doko made yukou ka
Kimi to futari de
Doko e mo yukeru yo
Mada minu sekai no
Zawameki   kaori o
Dakishime ni yukou


でも今は 遠くまで
そう君と この道で


どこかに あるなら
探しに 行こうか

まばたいて その色を


東の国の港 西の海辺
暗い森で 南の街 金の塔
北の丘 水に揺れてた同じ月が

ざわめき 香りを

23 responses to “Spice and Wolf Opening Theme – Tabi no Tochuu

  1. Marvelous! Really thanks!

  2. Yay! Favorite song, at the moment. =P

  3. Thank you :).

    Great song. the serias is great also :P…and the ending rocks.

  4. This is what I call preparation for Anime Boston :).
    Great thanks for that one :).

  5. this a nice song, thank for the lyrics

  6. Great song and great and a little sad melody.
    Love the very first lines 🙂

    でも今は 遠くまで
    そう君と この道で

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  8. It’s a great song, thanks for the translation. Suits Spice and Wolf very well, too.

    One comment, though. I’m no great shakes at Japanese, but I think the second stanza,

    An unfamiliar song
    That travelers sing-
    I hear it nostalgically
    If I’m just with you

    translates better as

    The songs that all travelers sing
    Even if I don’t recognize them
    They sound so familiar
    If I’m just with you

    It’s kinda like even though the songs are strange, but the strangeness itself brings back memories.

  9. @ Iyr:
    Good point. I was translating a little too literally… I’ve edited it. Thanks.

  10. great song, thanks for the tl, now i can make my own karas 😀

  11. yeah its was really great sugoi des ne^^

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  14. TY SO MUCH :3 fav song atm, love the everything about it :3
    ty again
    ~(>oo)> <(oo<)~
    (kirby dancing)
    :3 tanks again

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  16. the first time i watched spice and wolf, i found i already knew the opening theme. i don’t know why i knew it. has this song been used for anything else??? or was it made specifically for the anime…

    • I honestly have no idea, but a vast majority of anime openings and endings are taken from popular, or even unpopular japanese music, so if you listen to alot of general japanese music, you may have heard this song from a band.

  17. my favorite anime! favorite opening as well!!

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  19. This site’s been helping me a hell lot. Haha. Thanks a bunch! 😀

  20. Love the anime, and love the song. The lyrics are so powerful and match the idea of the anime perfectly. Kiyoura Natsumi’s voice is so beautiful.

  21. Doing this for the first choir concert of the year.. Thanks for the lyrics!

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