Shigofumi Ending Theme – Chain (TV Size Version)

Chain (TV Size Version)
Vocals: Snow*
Lyrics: Kodama Saori
Composition: Peejun
Arrangement: Peejun

The light shining monochromatically
Is now flower petals swaying in the crevice of memories
Come on, the watercolor thoughts
Go to the quiet place

In a pure nap
I rest, and I don’t need my body
I go closer to goodbye

I bind eternity to myself
Hey, it’s slightly similar to loneliness
Even if we can’t ever touch each other again
Hey, I believe in you and you won’t disappear
You won’t disappear

Chain… Chain…
I’m happy
A chain connects us

Chain (TV Size Version)
Vocals: Snow*

Monokuro ni sasu hikari
Ima   kioku no hazama   tayutau hanabira
Suisai no omoi-tachi
Saa   shizuka na basho e

Kiyoraka na madoromi
Oyasumi   karada wa iranai no
Sayonara   motto chikaku ni yuku yo

Watashi to eien o musubu
Nee   kodoku to sukoshi niteru
Nido to wa fureaenakute mo
Nee   shinjite kie wa shinai no
Kie wa shinai no

Chain   Chain
Shiawase yo
Chain   tsunagaru


今 記憶の狭間 揺蕩う花片
さぁ 静かな場所へ

お休み 身体はいらないの
さよなら もっと近くにゆくよ

ねぇ 孤独と少し似てる
ねぇ 信じて消えはしないの

Chain  Chain
Chain 繋がる


2 responses to “Shigofumi Ending Theme – Chain (TV Size Version)

  1. Hey, thank you for translating this!
    I love this show. 🙂

    I have a doubt about the translation: isn’t “oyasumi” (お休み) a “gentle” imperative, like in “oyasumi nasai” (have a good rest, sweet dreams)? I was trying to translate this from Japanese and had the impression the subject of the song says that to his/her own body… or someone else is saying that to him/her. Same goes for “sayonara…”.

    Well, don’t trust me too much, I’m kind of a Japanese n00b. 8)

  2. Any chance for the whole song? This has become my favorite song…

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