BLEACH 2nd Movie Theme Song – Hikari no Rock

Rock of Light
Vocals: Sambomaster
Lyrics: Yamaguchi Takashi
Composition: Yamaguchi Takashi

Even if we only unbutton the buttons that are done wrong, nothing changes for us, right?
We’re only always dreaming here, so clumsy that we don’t do anything, aren’t we?

The things I’ve lost up to now and the things you see from this point-
If everything is replaced, can they change? Can they change?

Tell me that you’ve cried until now with embarrassed words
Removing the darkness of my pitch-black heart
I want to throw away the old me, I want to embrace you
My desire flows out from my veins

Even if we’re only dreaming within the desert, we can’t see through other people’s unfairness, right?
We’re always crying tears here, not weak enough to blame ourselves

The things you’ve heard up to now; if I can sing that song from my recollections
Until morning, can you forgive me? Can you forgive me?

Because I’ll sing from now, melt my numbed heart
Removing the pitch-black, shivering nights
If our nights are soiled, then we can’t believe in anyone
My desire breaks out of this silence

Boys and girls!! Youth rampages! Make me only think about you!

Tell me that you have cried until now with embarrassed words
Dyeing the darkness of my pitch-black heart white
Even if it’s decided that I’ll die someday, I can’t forget about you
My desire crumbles this silence

Crumbling, I shed tears, I dance until morning, falling in love

Hikari no Rokku
Vocals: Sambomaster

Kakechigaeta botan dake hazushite mo   bokura wa nan ni mo kawaranai daro?
Bokura wa zutto koko de yume dake o mite   nani mo shinai hodo doji ja nai no sa

Ima made nakushita mono to   kore kara kimi ga miru mono
Subete torikaeta naraba   kawareru no kana   kawareru no kana

Ima made kimi ga naita koto   hanikanda kotoba de hanashite yo
Makkuro na kokoro no yami o nuguisatteku
Itsuka no boku wa sutetai no   anata no koto dakishimetetai no
Yokubou wa kono joumyaku o   nagaredashite iku

Sabaku no naka de yume dake mite ite mo   yatsura no zurusa wa minukenai daro?
Bokura wa zutto koko de namida o nagashi   jibun o semeru hodo yowakanai no sa

Ima made kimi ga kiita mono   omoide no ano uta nanka o
Asa made utaeta naraba   yuruseru kana   yuruseru kana

Ima kara boku wa utau kara   kajikanda kokoro wa tokashite yo
Makkuro na furueru yoru wa   nuguisatteku
Bokura no yoru wa yogoretara   dare no koto mo shinjirarenai no
Yokubou wa kono seijaku o   yaburidashite yuku

Shounen shoujo!!   Seishun bakusou!!   Kimi no koto dake kangaesasete okure!

Ima made kimi ga naita koto   hanikanda kotoba de hanashite yo
Makkuro na kokoro no yami o shiro ni someteku
Itsuka wa shinu to kimatte mo   anata no koto wasurerarenai no
Yokubou ga kono seijaku o   kuzureochite iku

Kuzureochite iku   namida o nagasu   asa made odoru   koi o shite iku


7 responses to “BLEACH 2nd Movie Theme Song – Hikari no Rock

  1. fabulous, fancy you habing the lyrics when not all in Internet has it! *thumbs up*

  2. i thought it was too late for anything to top “After Dark” for best overall anime theme this year.

    i was wrong.

    thanks so much for the lyrics. ❤

  3. I totally agree with AMAYA! After Dark was freakin awesome!!! but this song tops it!! just wondering but like in the middle after the chorus…is there a line that says “I Love You”…just wondering cause it sounds like it x3

  4. @ Rika, i hear ‘Baby Baby, I Love You’, but i’d guess it’s not printed in the lyrics.

  5. First After Dark and now Hikari no Rock =O
    I’m waiting for them to still release a decent ending though 😛

    Thanks for the trans.

  6. Maan, awesome [the music]…

  7. Has anyone heard (aoi tori) or save the one,save the all

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