Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS Opening Theme – synchronicity

I love this song… I am such a sucker for epic stories in which a young man goes to the end of the worlds for his beloved one.

You can download this song from Sendspace here.

Vocals: Makino Yui
Lyrics: Kajiura Yuki
Composition: Kajiura Yuki
Arrangement: Kajiura Yuki

Where is this warmth going?
When it’s tomorrow, it’ll vanish
If I synchronized the heartbeats of our chests
Would I be able to fall to the same depth as you?

I’m always, always by your side
No matter how far your heart strays

While we drift inside the darkness
Like innocent little birds, we huddled our wings together
You, who hide behind your smile when you’re lonely
Are a blade of unmelting ice
I bare my heart
And embrace you

Where are you going alone?
I’m just scared of looking back
The figure in my chest and the sad color
Even though I’m sure that they’re actually very similar

With the same evanescence, we are gazing
At the place that we’ll surely return to someday

No matter how we’re separated inside this darkness
Our hearts call for each other with a bond stronger than anything
Even if you’re laughing when you’re lonely, I know it
I want to warm
Your cold fingers with my tears
I’m by your side…

While we drift inside the darkness
Like innocent little birds, we huddled our wings together
You, who hide behind your smile when you’re lonely
Are a blade of unmelting ice
I bare my heart and embrace you
I’m by your side

Vocals: Makino Yui

Kono nukumori wa doko e yuku no
Ashita ni nareba kiete shimau no
Mune no kodou o awaseta naraba
Onaji fukami e orite yukeru no

Itsumo itsumo soba ni iru yo
Donna tooku kimi no kokoro ga mayotte mo

Kurayami no naka ni futari de tadayoinagara
Mujaki na kotori no you ni tsubasa o yosete ita
Sabishii toki ni wa egao ni kakureru kimi wa
Tokenai koori no yaiba
Kono mune o sarashite

Kimi wa hitori de doko e yuku no
Furikaeru no ga kowai dake na no
Mune no katachi mo kanashii iro mo
Hontou wa kitto yoku niteru no ni

Itsuka kitto kaeru basho o
Futari onaji hakanasa de mitsumete iru

Kono yami no naka de donna ni hanarete ite mo
Kokoro wa nani yori tsuyoi kizuna de yobiatte
Sabishii toki ni wa waratte ite mo wakaru yo
Tsumetai yubi o namida de
Atatamete agetai
Soba ni iru…

Kurayami no naka ni futari de tadayoinagara
Mujaki na kotori no you ni tsubasa o yosete ita
Sabishii toki ni wa egao ni kakureru kimi wa
Tokenai koori no yaiba
Kono mune o sarashite   dakishimeru
Soba ni iru








この胸を晒して 抱きしめる

46 responses to “Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS Opening Theme – synchronicity

  1. I wasn’t a fan of this song at the start. After few listens I thought it could’ve been a good song BUT THEY GOT YUI CANT SING MAKINO on the vocals…

    Horrible vocals. Especially in the chorus.

  2. Really? I thought this song was pretty good, and Makino Yui is an average singer… I want to sing at her pitch, but it’s pretty hard.

    Surprised me that KINYA didn’t come back to sing the OP… Then again, the movie main theme was done by Makino Yui, too.

  3. When I first listened to the song, I thought it would perfectly fit Yuuka Nanri’s voice, but Yui Makino is doing a pretty good job if you asked me. ^^
    Anyways, thank you for the translation. ^^

  4. Thank you for the lyrics ^^ I really do like the song .

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  6. i love this song, been listening to it so many times , and makino yui doesn’t sing the movie main theme (she sang the ending called “amurita”). the main theme for that movie is called “aerial” by KINYA. :]

  7. This song is really ONE OF THE BEST opening/ending song of Tsubasa, specially because it was write by Kajiura Yuki who did the music in tsubasa. I love what she did for the anime and this song is like a remixe of the mains themes. Seriously if you don’t like this song, you probably didn’t like the music in tsubasa or didn’t watch it, because this IS the music of tsubasa. OH! I can’t wait to see the next next episode… it’s only in 2 month T_T

  8. I think Yui-sama did a good job, cuz this is one of the best OP of Tsubasa Chronicle. but… CLAMP did a better job!!! Cheers!!kampai!!

  9. Personally I don’t hate Makino Yui’s voice, but her singing really…uh…needs improvement, a lot of it. Her pitch may be high, but her voice is not “open” at all like Maaya’s, which makes her singing shaky and forced…

    However, I think this is great song, no matter the lyrics and melody. I think Kajiura has improved on her composition skills for songs with lyrics. Her other lyrical songs were…average, with only average lyrics. This one is much better…

  10. This is a great song, it has a good lyric and melody, but Makino Yui’s mediocre voice makes it difficult to note it… it’s shame…

  11. totally LOVE this song!!,when i heard the preview i thought it suck,but then i heard the longer version on the OAD and it was rly awesome!! T-T

    thanks for the translation, but it is complete? or just the short version??


  12. The lyric is amazing so is the melody, so bad i cant say the same about the vocals…

  13. Makino Yui is pretty good, and, whether intended or not, her singing sounds just like Sakura.

  14. Well, to be honest, it wouldn’t be the same if Yui hadn’t sang it. Makino Yui has the innocence in her voice that we treasure in Sakura. The song with her voice has the innocence which the song was striving for, but also with that innocence there is so much sadness, which Yui’s voice plays out as well. It was a perfect fit. But thats just my opinion…

  15. This song is just…way too awesome. ❤ I love the lyrics and everything about it. I think Yui did a good job. ^^ She has a sweet voice.

  16. I love this song. The lyrics, the melody, the vocals, everything about it I like. I think Yui has a sweet innocent voice that’s perfect for the song.

  17. I really really LOVE this song. I think Yui Makino’s voice really matches these lyrics and the whole song. She is not great at singing, but this song is one of the best anime song I’ve heard and Makino did good in it, in my opinion.

  18. Anyone have a clue what the chanting in the song is?

    It sounds like English…

    “I can see you in light and memory…
    I can see you in………………..”

    I can’t understand half of it…

  19. I think they just want to push the song into another level with yui singing like an innocent type for the song . hell this song is great!!

  20. i just love the song i hear it everyday

  21. Thank you so much for this translation~ I’m also a big fan of the song, and think that Yui Makino was a good choice for the vocals. It certainly adds even more of a sense that the song is from Sakura’s point of view– you get the feeling of innocence and desperation that Sakura is supposed to have at this point in the series, and I think being able to relate everything in that way adds to the listening. ^-^ {The whole thing feels terribly (and wonderfully) Infinity Arc, in my opinion.}

  22. i love Sakura! thx for taking the time for the translation^^ i really missed her alot^^

  23. Nevermine, Anyway yui makino have play friendster. Really, she said this songs is the most hard to song.. Expecially the chorus.. At the begginer she can sing but the chorus she try to sing as well as she can.. This is a sad songs.. According to TSUBASA TOKYO REVELATIONS STORY..

  24. waah xD thank you!

  25. this song rocks..i like it!!its totally cool..thanks for the lyric>_<

  26. “I can see you in light and memory…
    I can see you in………………..”

    does anyone know or have a clue about that???

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  28. Yui’s a good singer, if not a spectacular one, and I think she’s a great fit for Sakura. She captured the emotion of the song really well. =3

  29. kiku, the first couple lines are:

    “I can see you in my life here with me,
    I can feel you in my life again…”

  30. Cherryblossomluv

    Personally, i really like Yui Makino’s voice, it sounds like a little kids and it fits the role of sakura perfectly, everytime i hear a song by yui i always think its Sakura whose singing it…sure Maaya has a voice thats more open, but Yui’s voice fits Amurita and Synchronicity perfectly!

  31. OMG! I love this song, thanks again, before I go to other places, I’d defenitely look here.

  32. its a nice song. whoever says this song is bad has no ears! XD

  33. oh my…..
    this song is nice..

  34. I really can’t get the english (though the more I listen the more I think it’s engrish) bit at the beginning but the middle is, as far as I can make out, is: “I’ll be near you now, I will miss you so, I follow you for you, I’ll be near ’cause I, I will be, I’ll be by your side” and then it goes back to the unintelligible beginning.

  35. I love this song! Yui makino did a good job!

  36. Oh! this is one of my favourite Tsubasa’s songs! I love it! but I can’t understand the part that seems to be in english!! (I’m spanish, so my english is not very good as you can see ¬¬) but in the final part I think she says something like that: I’ll be near you now, I will miss you so, I’m calling for you, I’ll be near ’cause I, I will be, I’ll be by your side.
    If you now about any website where I’d could find this part of the song, please leave a coment with the URL

  37. Is it me, or does the tsubasa anime have an incredible soundtrack?> Anyway thank you so much for the translation and transliteration! Although Yui Makino doesn’t have the best of voices, that innocent voice really suits the mood to this song! Lol, I am a native english speaker, and I can’t even understand the english parts…

  38. I love this song, can you please put the song back up an sendspace? the link’s died D:

  39. OMG. This is the best song i have ever heard. Makino-san did such an amasing job. her voice captures the emotions of the lyrics perfectly. its so beautiful. plus the fact that her voice, the way Makino-san sings synchronicity is full to the sadness in tokyo revelations!
    95 of 10!

  40. Greatest song I’ve ever heard!!!
    Go go go, Yui Makino….!!!

  41. I love this song and the OST of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles!!!!!! Makino has a great voice.

  42. This is one of the best song I ever heard. Can listen to it forever. Seriosly, I think many people commmented here really have no idea that Makino Yui is the seiyuu (voice actor) for Sakura. This is exactly why she is chosen as the vocal. They intended to use ‘Sakura’s voice’ to sing this song which is from the point of view of Sakura. Having any other vocal to sing this song would totally beat the point. I believe Makino did a great job in this song too. She managed to maintain the innocent and sad tone of the after all.

  43. “You, who hide behind your smile when you’re lonely” that’s so Fai, she may be talking about someone else, but for me that’s Fai xD
    I really liked this song, it’s not the best song ever made and I’m not expert in anime soundtracks but it’s a good song that matches with the story and brings you that Tokyo Revelation’s feeling. That’s all my limited knowledge can say 🙂
    Thanks for the translation!

  44. i want to know the initial lyrics about this song….at the begining…..there is some word had said in singing the song…so can i have the intial in english….

  45. 4 me dx s0ngs is very beautiful n sukida yui makino

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