Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Opening’s Original Storyboard

I found scans of what appears to be the original storyboard for the second Tsubasa Chronicle opening sequence that was scrapped and replaced with its current inferior counterpart. The storyboard is a rough, black-and-white pencil sketch, but you should be able to see that it’s far more action-packed and powerful than what aired. I spent about five hours timing the sketches to the opening theme.

It’s somewhat difficult to interpret the scenes without the director’s footnotes, so here’s a summary:

-Syaoran walks through a desert with flames around him.
-Title card.
-Animated version of this gorgeous picture from the 2005 Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-/×××HOLiC calendar.
-Sakura holds a sphere with one of her feathers inside.
-Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai riding on dragons, which was animated in the CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 OVA and it also included them in the aforementioned calendar costumes.
-Sakura raises the sphere and the feather’s light shatters it and the surrounding place.
-Brief childhood scenes of Kurogane (with his mother and father), Fai (with Ashura), Syaoran (with Fujitaka), and Sakura (with Toya and Yukito).
-Syaoran grabs a sparkle of light and the dragon ride scene continues.
-The scene cuts away to the three riding into battle on the dragons. This was also animated in the CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 OVA.
-Mokona’s wings unwrap Sakura as she raises a hand toward the sky.
-Brief shots of each character turning toward each other.
-Individual battle scenes for Kurogane (with a sword), Fai (with staff on chains), and Syaoran (with dual tonfas and a sword). Very similar poses were animated in the CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 OVA.
-Syaoran reaches out, as if trying to grasp something. Another hand reaches for him, which belongs to another Syaoran.
-The two Syaorans face each other inversed and spin away from view in a yin-yang symbol. This is also copied from a manga picture.

In case if you’ve forgotten what the real opening looks like, here it is for comparison:


19 responses to “Tsubasa Chronicle 2nd Opening’s Original Storyboard

  1. Thanks! I really appreciate the time you put into making that.

  2. I agree, the storyboard version looks so much better. Now we need to wait for a bored, flash animation maker Clamp fan to make an animated version of it. xD Thanks for your work though, it’s amazing how much better it looks timed to the song than just on paper.

  3. hmm wonder why they scrapped this its awsome i guess they didnt want to gte everyones hopes up

  4. Wow, they were going to animate battle scenes with THAT costume O_O that would be so much better than the one we have now…

    I guess Clamp didn’t want to waste the good sequences on TSUBASA the anime, since it’s not going to follow the manga closely anyway. Luckily they save it for CLAMP IN WONDERLAND 2 ^_^

    Ohhhh but I really want to watch Fye fighting with that staff while jumping around like he’s flying…ha~

  5. Where did you find the storyboards?, because I am an animation student and clamp fan, and I’d love to study the original scans.

  6. I think they came out of an original production notes book. I’m not sure; I found the scans online a long time ago.

  7. If you remember the site, or know where I can find them would you let me know? It would be appreciated.

  8. pleaze the 3° season please

  9. where did this come from?

  10. @ candy:

  11. Gosh!!!! Soooo cool!!!! Thank you very very very very very muuuuuch!!!!! I love it!!!!! Hweeee I wanna cry seeing that T^T

  12. OMG!!!! It’s extremely cooool!!!!!XD Thank you very very very very very muuuuuch!!!! I really really love it!!! Seeing it I wanna cry T^T

  13. oops! i sent it 2 times coz i thought it wasn’t sent teehee gomen ^^”

  14. esta incre manden me el video no

  15. nice one

  16. es una buena pagina

  17. Cool site, love the info.


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