ef – a tale of memories. 2nd Opening Theme – euphoric field (Japanese)

I don’t know if this song will actually be used as an alternate opening theme for ef – a tale of memories., but given Shaft’s record, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did show up some time down the road.

euphoric field (Japanese)
Vocals: ELISA
Lyrics: nbkz Sakai
Composition: TENMON
Arrangement: TENMON

In the scenery of the city where twilight approaches, I’m standing alone
Even the hazy sky and the flickering air
Have always been searching for something

I start running toward the other side
Of the setting dark night

The heartbeats in my throbbing chest; a gauge maxing out
Kick apart your overflowing tears
And grasp your dream

My heart is hiding in the yesterday that doesn’t become words
That which restores the lost colors
Seems to connect the severed thread

Shake awake the courage
To spin the vanished sound

Thoughts that I don’t want to forget; our memories
Please remember the future that I built with you

Because I’ll find shining wings filled with wishes
I can fly to the new world someday, so I believe

euphoric field (Japanese)
Vocals: ELISA

Yuuyami semaru machi no keshiki ni   tatazumu hitori de
Kasumu sora   yuragu kuuki sae
Zutto nanika sagashite

Shizumu kurai yoru no
Mukou e hashiridasu

Takanaru mune no kodou   furikiru geeji
Afureru namida o kechirase
Yume tsukande

Kotoba ni naranai kinou ni wa   kokoro kakushiteru
Nakushita iro   torikaesu no wa
Kireta ito tsunagu you

Kieta oto o tsumugu
Yuuki o yuriokosu

Wasuretakunai omoi   futari no memorii
Anata to tsukuru mirai   oboete ite

Kibou ni hikaru tsubasa   mitsukedasu kara kitto
Itsuka atarashii sekai ni   habatakeru no


2 responses to “ef – a tale of memories. 2nd Opening Theme – euphoric field (Japanese)

  1. IMHO Miyako’s version blows the original out of the water. 0_0 It’s a shame they opted to not include an instrumental for it.

  2. love the song!!! @__@
    thanks for the lyrics!

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