Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Yours – Thanks

This song was released in the 3-disc Yours album by dai from Comiket 72. I’m not sure if the song was used in the PC game.

The significance of this song is that it is the fourth in a series of four songs from the Yours album that seem to describe Sonozaki Shion and Hojo Satoshi’s relationship and Satoshi’s recovery from a coma while Shion patiently watches over him for two years. Listen to the songs in order (Sorayume, Sora no Mukou, Confession, Thanks). They’re very emotional.
Even if the songs aren’t all that stellar, it’s all worth it for the last line of the fourth song, Thanks.

Vocals: Yuduki
Composition: dai

Time flows by so fast
Two years’ time has passed since then
I’m two years older, too
But you’re still sleeping

With a peaceful face, you’re still quietly sleeping now
It’s not that waiting is tough
But I’m just a little lonely
Won’t you wake up faster?

I want to hear your voice
Your voice that is overflowing with kindness and pleasant to my ears
I want to see your smiling face
Your kind and warm smiling face that can look happy

From the window, the good-feeling morning sun shines in
Waiting for your awakening
I’m telling you about the daily events like always

Your eyelids suddenly move
I watch you, forgetting to even breathe
Your eyes are slowly opening
And you wake up

If it’s a dream, then please don’t let me wake up; my overflowing feelings
Spilled and fell together with my tears
Even if it’s a dream, let it be like this; I don’t want to be separated
From the happiness that finally visited anymore

At last, this day has come; there were days when I felt that
The time during which I’d been waiting was very long
Now, at this moment, everything
Has passed away into a memory of the distant past

Good morning. And…welcome back.

Vocals: Yuduki

Toki ga nagareru no wa hayai ne
Are kara ni-nen no tsukihi ga nagare
Watashi mo futatsu toshi o totta
Demo anata wa mada nemutteru

Odayaka na kao de ima mo mada shizuka ni nemutteru
Matsu koto ga tsurai wake ja nai
Demo sukoshi sabishii
Hayaku okinai kana

Anata no koe ga kikitai
Yasashisa afureru   mimi ni kokochiyoi sono koe o
Anata no egao o mitai
Yasashiku atataka na   shiawase ni nareru sono egao o

Mado kara kimochi no ii asahi ga sashikomi
Anata ga okiru no o matsu
Itsumo no you ni hibi no dekigoto o anata ni katarikakeru

Futo mabuta ga ugoita
Iki o suru koto sura wasurete mimamoru naka
Anata no me ga yukkuri hirakarete
Me o samasu

Yume nara samenaide   afureru kimochi ga
Namida to issho ni koboreochita
Yume de mo kono mama de   yatto otozureta
Shiawase o mou hanashitakunai

Youyaku kono hi ga kita   matte iru toki wa
Totemo nagaku kanjita hibi mo
Ima kono shunkan ni wa sore wa subete
Sugisatta tooi kako no omoide

Ohayou. Soshite, okaeri nasai.

8 responses to “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Yours – Thanks

  1. Yay thanks so much ^-^

  2. Great thanks from me too 🙂
    especially for the link 🙂

  3. Yay! Thank you! I’ve been looking for this for a while now. :DDD

  4. I would to listen to this 4 songs…

    but I think the link expired or something…

    but thanks for the lyrics anyway!

  5. arigato gosaimasu

  6. anonymous_baka

    Do you have the instrumental version of Thanks?
    I was wondering, since I’ve been looking for it
    all over the net ^^;

  7. I still get misty-eyed by this.

    Those looking for the songs – try looking at nipponsei.

  8. honto ni arigatou *-*

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